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Pontos cím

No description

Laura Juhász

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Pontos cím

CAP and its reform
Keszthelyi Anett, Juhász Laura

12 millions
77 %
95 billion euro
What is the CAP?
the agricultural policy of the EU
it was introduced in 1962
partnership: agriculture-society
Europe-its farmer
Main aims are
improve agricultural productivity
ensure a standard of living for farmers
provide stable food supply for consumers
Who runs the CAP?
Comission's proposal
Council of agriculture ministers
European Parliament
Day-to-day running
member countries
EU's Court of Auditors
How much does the CAP cost the taxpayers?
43 %
The MacSharry reform -1992
Main innovations
reduction in administered support prize
(farmers compensated)
introduction of coupled direct payments
Consequences of the MacSharry reform?
increased the importance of direct payments in farm incomes
helped to improve internal market balance by boosting demand (esp. for cereals) and cutting supply
farmers over-compensated for support price reductions as market prices did not fall to the same extent
Agenda 2000
established a new reformulated set of objectives for the CAP
How will the CAP shape up after 2013?
€960-billion budget for 2014-2020
agriculture and rural development --> €460
direct payments -->€280
Direct payments
The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
Market management mechanisms
Rural Development
it ignores the rules of supply and demand
hugely wasteful
gives Europe food security
So much from so many to so few
Protecting the rural communities
Helping the rich get richer
Tasty European food variety
We all pay more
Protecting the environment
Why do we need a 'common' agricultural policy at EU level?
• it is ensuring our food safety

• plays a key role in the use of natural resources

Thank you for your attention!
2011: 43% of the EU’s annual budget €58 billion
it’s share has been falling since 1984
less than 1% of all public expenditure in all the member countries
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