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Childminder OFSTED inspections

No description

C. Andrea Turner

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Childminder OFSTED inspections

Childminder OFSTED inspections
Ten top tips
to help you get prepared for your next inspection.
Update your policies and procedures
PACEY members, check out the templates on PACEY's members' area but don't forget to edit them!
Health and safety gone sane.
Think risk benefit aassessments rather than risk assessments. If activities or outings are potentially a bit risky, consider the benefits first. If they outweigh the risks then go for it.
The emphasis is on teaching and learning.
I know you think you're not teachers but you are. so know what teaching strategies you are using with children.
Love her or loathe her, this is what Liz Truss has to say.
Know the EYFS
and be able to explain the characteristics of effective learning.
The 7 areas of learning and development
Be able to explain what "school-readiness" means to you.
Ensure you have robust procedures in place for transitions.
Be able to show each child's starting point.
Show evidence that children have moved on from there.
Plan for each child's next steps
Know the next steps for each child...
...and be able to explain HOW children are learning, not just WHAT they are learning.
Take a look at this little video.
Be able to show how you help children to become independent.
And how you promote children's health...
...and well-being.
Demonstrate how you work in partnership with parents
and other professionals working around the children and their families. Remember the importance of confidentiality and informed consent.
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