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The destination image of Qatar

No description

Marie Spohr

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The destination image of Qatar

The destination image of Qatar
1. Relevance of the resarch

2. Methodology

3. Findings

4. Recommendations and outlook
Relevance of the research
- Conceptual framework

- Population: Germans

- Sampling method: Convenience sampling

- Analysis of data: SPSS

- Improve current situation regarding FIFA controversies

- Market positive attributes

- Differentiate from other Arab countries with similar assets

- Free Doha Tours from airport

- Tourism products
The perception of Qatar's destination image among Germans and hence resulting strategies for a competitive brand posititioning
by Marie Spohr
August 25th, 2015
- Timely topic
- Strategy 2030
- FIFA World Cup 2022
How is Qatar's image formed among the population?
Organic image formation (Total mentions, N=665)
What holistic aspects does the German
tourist associate with Qatar?
Holistic-functional image
Holistic-psychological image
What attributes does the German tourist associate with Qatar?
Attribute-based image (scale from 1 to 5)
In how far does the image differ between those who have visited Qatar and those who have not?
Primary and secondary image

- Different associations

- Different perception of attributes

- Same conative image

- Overall primary image is positive

- Overall secondary image is neutral
Thank you for your attention!
- Limitations

- Potential of tourism in Qatar

- Replica studies

From which channels have you heard of Qatar?
Have you ever noticed any advertisement/promotion of Qatar as a travel destination?
Induced image formation
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