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Hero's Journey (Iron Man)


Justin Kuglin

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey (Iron Man)

By Justin Kuglin Iron Man Iron Man’s call to adventure begins as a desperate attempt to escape captivity by terrorist who claim to be his loyal customers. In the process of being kidnapped, shrapnel from a missile penetrates deep into his chest threatening to work its way into his heart and kill him. He makes himself an arc reactor to put in his chest to hold the shrapnel in place. The terrorists want him to build them a weapon of mass destruction and he instead creates a suit of armor to make an escape, destroy his weaapns, and soon begin his journey as iron man. Call to Adventure In the second Iron Man movie, Tony Stark’s close friend, James Rhodes, takes one of Tony’s suits and flies it to the military base where it is fixed up with a large amount of weapons. When drones start attacking the city Tony and Rhodey, as Tony calls him, team up and fight all of the drones to save the city. Another companion is his assistant, pepper potts. she isn't always 100% supportive but she does stay by his side and help him through his harder times. Companions Each movie presents new challenges that Tony Stark must face. one of the biggest challenges that he must face is the changing and upgrading of his armor so that he can be faster and stronger than his previous armor would allow him to be. He goes through seven different armors by the time he gets to the avengers movie but as revealed in iron man 3 ( SPOILER ALERT )sneak peaks, there is an eighth armor but it is not called the mark eight. It is actually called the mark forty-seven. this armor allows Tony Stark to become iron man at will with a thing called extremis. this allows Tony to be faster, stronger, and control his suit with his mind. It is also said that he can control forty other iron man suits with the mark forty-seven. Road of Trials
( SPOILER ALERT ) Tony is what he believes to be good friends with Obadiah Stane, his father’s partner, only to find out that Obadiah is the one that paid to have him killed, stole his armor designs, and tried to kill him again. At the end of the first Iron Man movie there is a battle between Obadiah and Tony. Obadiah is killed and Tony Stark barely lived through it. Brother Battle There are multiple things that Iron Man tries to escape from. In the second movie he tries to escape death in two different ways. The first way he tries to escape death is by discovering a new element to run his arc reactor so he doesn't dies of blood toxication. The second way is avoiding being sliced in half by the villain, whiplash’s, whips. Magic Flight/Persuit While Tony Stark is in Iraq doing a weapons presentation for the military, he is attacked by a group of terrorists originally paid to kill him. When the terrorists found out that the man they were paid to kill was the maker of all of the weapons that they had bought, they decided to kidnap him and force him to build the jericho missile he was demonstrating to the military. Abduction A particular item that has significance to the hero is the arc reactor that he made to keep the shrapnel out his heart and to also power his suit. There is a lot of transformation in the variances of his arc reactor that he makes throughout his life. It starts out as a magnet hooked up to a battery. Then it moves on to the smaller lit up version that we are most familiar with. Over time he has improved it so much to the point where he had to “re-discover” a new element in order to save his own life from having blood intoxication from palladium, a poisonous metal. Talisman In the Avengers a nuclear missile is shot at the city and Iron Man flies the missile into the portal and lets go of it before it hits the alien base. Since iron man is in space he has no oxygen to breath and blacks out. The portal is closed and he falls through just in time but he does not wake up. he is thought to be dead until The Hulk yells and Tony awakens. Rescue from Without Usually in the end the problem that started it all is resolved but new problems also appear. This leaves room for another movie and a whole new set of victories and losses. Even though a new problem may arise in the end, it is most of the time better than it was at the beginning of the story. Freedom to Live

A few beginning things was the mark 1 and his first arc reactor. this allowed Tony Stark to become Iron Man and become a superhero. Some repetitive themes include the fact that he is attacked and is trying to be replicated by others. Archetypes/Motifs
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