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Leadership & Management

No description

Jazimin Haron

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management
in Physiotherapy
Time wastage
Total costs
Elderly may have difficulties commuting to hospitals
Waiting list vary between 2 to 4 months
Alternative treatments seeked by patients
Early Community Physiotherapy Access
Increase accessibility
Reduced cost
Early management of injuries
2nd most efficient healthcare system
"To promote good health, reduce illness, ensure access to good and affordable healthcare, and pursue medical excellence"
Nearest hospital may be far
Delay in receiving prompt physiotherapy treatment
Extra pain medication while waiting
Absence from work
Increasing and aging population. Limited resources
Early Community Physiotherapy Access
from polyclinics
within 3 days
Provide accessible (place & time) and affordable physiotherapy services outside the acute hospital
Enable patients to receive an appointment within 3 days
Political framework
Advocacy Group
Present case

Get support among

Fine tune plans
Healthcare Clusters
Present case

Address issues/concerns

Fine tune to suit cluster
Ministry of Health
Group CEO
Present how Singaporeans will benefit in general

Approval and funding
Health Minister
Engaging Stakeholders
Healthcare Professionals
Gathering feedback
Use of social media
Story telling videos
Gathering feedback
Persuade and inform professionals of good outcomes for early physiotherapy access
needs of cluster groups and customize program to suit the workflow of polyclinics
of details of project by higher management
(manpower, budget, operations)
Programme Flow
Trials for booking appointments, physiotherapy sessions and discharge flow.
Process evaluation.
Using marketing & communication strategies to inform of launch
Support & Maintenance
Manpower support, equipment maintenance, support from stakeholders.
Monitor Performance
Outcome evaluation
Service enhancement
Learning Points
Application of the different frameworks with different stakeholders and decision makers
Role of physiotherapists in enhancing healthcare
Types of evaluations for advocacy campaigns
Benefits of early access to physiotherapy
Highlights the role of physiotherapists
--> Save costs
--> Better clinical outcomes

Community physiotherapy in the polyclinics allows early access to physiotherapy treatment
Allows hospital space for patients which require more medical attention
A step towards physiotherapists as first-contact practitioners
Feasible and acceptable
Cost effective
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