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keenan arlien

No description

Keenan Arlien

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of keenan arlien

Underage Smoking Stance:
I believe that underage smoking is bad because it causes bad health for the person who is smoking and the people around them. It is very dangerous for underage people. Support for my Stance:
1. Smoking under age 18 is illegal. Using, holding, or buying of cigarettes can get you in serious trouble, especially around school. In regards to school, you can be suspended, or even expelled

2. Smoking reduces your ability to do things that require endurance, such as sports, etc. The tar in the cigarettes covers up alveoli, which help you breathe, which makes for less surface area for gas exchange. In other words, you must breathe more to get the same amount of oxygen as if you didn't smoke. So the effect that has on sports is that you will get tired quicker due to a lack of oxygen, which inevitably reduces your endurance.

3. Smoking can seriously harm your body in ways of cancer, emphysema, etc. Also, it leads to your early demise.
position:Give three points
4. Smoking is a repulsive habit, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

5. Smoking makes you and your enviornment stink. Your room stinks, your house stinks, your clothes stink, and, if you have one, your car stinks.

6. The nicotine in cigarettes are extremely addictive, and, chances are that if you start early, then it'll be harder to quit the habit.

7. Smoking may cause tension between friend and family relationships. If anyone gets upset that you smoke, then you'd probably get angry and fight with that person, defending why you smoke.

8. It is also a very costly habit. You may lose all your money before you know it. For example, let's say that you smoke one pack of cigarettes per day, and the price is $5.00 per pack. Then every month you'd spend approximately $150.00 on cigarettes alone That money could definitely be put to better use, such as to pay bills, or simply to go to the movies with someone once a week.

1. Smoking can cause many sicknesses.
2. When people smoke underage they think it makes them look good.
3. Smoking can be a gateway drug.
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