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Orlando's 5 Themes Of Geography

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Raelynn Miller

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Orlando's 5 Themes Of Geography

Orlando's 5 Themes Of Geography
By: Raelynn Miller
Orlando is a popular city in Central Florida. Its latitude and longitude coordinates are approximately 28.4158 degrees North and 81.2989 degrees West. Orlando, FL is located in the USA. Cities that border Orlando are Kissimmee, FL and Sanford, FL. A very popular and famous landmark in Orlando, FL is Disney World
Where is Orlando?

Orlando is a major city in Florida. Like I said before, Disney World is a very unique landmark that makes Orlando, FL special. Trees like Pines, oaks, cypresses, palms, and mangroves grow in the Florida area. Animals that live in this area are the crocodile, deer, pumas, bobcats, boars, black bears, armadillos, otters, mink, and gray foxes. As of 2012 Orlando's population was 249,562

Florida is in the southeastern region of the United States. However, Orlando is located in Central Florida Region. It is also located on the North America Continent.
Regions of Orlando, FL
People interact with their environment in Orlando, FL by growing different crops such as oranges, sugar canes, and tomatoes. Some of Florida's industry and products are electric, electric equipment, transportation equipment, and chemicals.
Human Environment Interaction
Movement in Orlando, FL
Most people get around Orlando by driving cars. If you were traveling from a great distance to Orlando, FL you would take a plane. People there carry information or ideas by emails, messaging, phone calls, and letters. Goods get transported by train freight, air, and boats. The Florida Export is major export in Florida and the United States.
Fun Facts
The official nickname of the city of Orlando is “The City Beautiful,” although it is also known as “O-Town.
Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in Florida (located in Orlando).
Wayne Brady (host of Let's Make a Deal) was born and raised in Orlando, FL.
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