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Language Development of Children

Details how a child develops language, what can be used to help them and what problem occur

Tifani-Rae Steward

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Language Development of Children

Language Development of Children We begin to babble. The babbles turn into words. The
child begins the labeling process. By doing
this the child starts language comprehension which is the understanding of language, knowing what one is saying, and being able to connect what is being said to thier life. Choo-Choo Words turn into sentences Mamma no go! No eat! Comlexity increases.
Begin to use possesive words
negative word, and adjectives. By six their struggles from four and five fade and they begin to write and read. What can you do to help? Help with and give reassurance
during the labeling process Feeding in "You are building with blocks" Expansion "Car" "You are playing with a small green car." What are the complication that come with language development? Articulation The three types of Articulation *Omission
*Distortion Omission *The leaving out of letter
when pronouncing a word oat = Substitution * This means substituting new
letters for old ones in the pronouncing of words. *The most common substitution includes f for th,
t for k, b for v, th for s, k for t, and w for I or r. Distortion The difficulty of producing
sounds intended. Result of hearing loss or
lack of mouth and tounge
control * Lisp is most known and refers to substituting
the th sound for the s sounds. Stuttering What is it? The repitition of words,
hesitation, prolongation. What can parents or teachers do? *Consult a physician
*Talk to the child
*Listen effectivly
*Don't interupt
*Don't draw attentiom to the problem How do I know when something is wrong? *When the child is not talking.
*When you can not understand the child. Always help a child in need
Provide, and enforce and try to strengthen
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