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Copy of The Burglars' Friend


William David Cano Ortiz

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Burglars' Friend

English Second Language THE BURGLARS' FRIEND ACTIVITY 1 ACTIVITY 6 Before you read the text,
answer the following questios: Is it similar to your story? Now let's listen to the real story... Let's read the story to
clarify our ideas!!! ACTIVITY 4 According to the reading, is it true or false??? ACTIVITY 5 Why do you think the title is "The Burglars' Friend? Now Let's try to guess
what these images are about... Do you know what Burglar means? ACTIVITY 3 ACTIVITY 2 A volunteer please... He was watching TV when the Burglars arrived. His parents weren't in the house. They were two men and a woman. They went out of the house at 6 pm. His parents woke up and called the police. Now match the verbs from the article with the correct tense. There is an example. Thanks for the attention!!! Produced By:
William David Cano Ortiz
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