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Copy of Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting a Major Sporting Event

Observed lesson on interview at Pool Academy - 12th February 2013

Duncan Jagger

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting a Major Sporting Event

What are the effects of Social Groupings on participation in PE? Task 1 (2 minutes)

What makes you want to participate in
sport and PE?

Discuss in pairs and write down one
reason each. Task 2 (10 minutes)

Look at the sheets and sticker

Decide which group they belong in, and if they are positive or negative factors. Stick them onto your sheets when you are sure!

PEERS - FAMILY - ETHNICITY - GENDER Task 3 (5 minutes)
Look at the images above. Can you name them all?!
How many of them were famous before London 2012?

How do you think the perception of women in sport has changed since the summer? Write down your answer.
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