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Inventions of the 1920s!

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taylore bottum

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Inventions of the 1920s!

Inventions of the 1920s Band-Aid Automobile Traffic Light Q-tips Radio Adhesive tape Why Are They A Top Ten? The inventions of the 1920's are a TOP TEN because:
-changed the family dynamic
-made life easier and more convenient in most cases -Ivented in: 1920

-Invented By: Earle Dickenson

-How it was invented: He came up with the idea to have a small piece of adhesive tape with a piece of gauze in the middle of it.

-How it affects us today: They are now an essential in every household, and are the first thought that comes to mind when trying to keep dirt and germs out of a cut. -Invented in: 1920

-Invented by: Henry Ford

-Significance back then: Was more affordable then the old version and was made on an assembly line

- How it affects us today: Automobiles are the used as a primary source of transportation in many areas. -Invented in: 1920

-Invented by: Leo Gerstenzang

-How it was invented: He came up with the idea after watching his wife use a tootpick with cotton on each end to clean their baby's ears.

-How it affects us today: Q-tips are an essential household item used everyday to clean people's ears. - Invented in: 1920's

-Invented by: Guglielmo Marconi

- Significance: The radio brought many families closer together.

-How it affects us today: It is used as a source of entertainment and a way to get information during an emergency. -Invented in: 1923

-Invented by: Richard G. Drew

-Fact: At first it was used as a painters' masking
tape to make clean borders between colors.

-How it affects us today: Ahedsive tape is an item that is many times taken forgranted and used to make simple repairs, and stick two things together. -Invented in: 1920

-Invented by: William Potts

-How it affects us today: It is a major safety
precaution that is usedin major four way
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