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Proposal for a Comprehensive Onboarding and Training Plan


Angelique O'Bryan

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Proposal for a Comprehensive Onboarding and Training Plan

Proposal for a Comprehensive Onboarding and Training Plan
Angelique O’Bryan, Human Resources
Brenda Capps, Pricing and Collections
Chris Hunter, International Finance
Diane Lindsley, Merchandising
Jacquie Roberts, Benefits
Karl Coleman, Information Systems
Melanie Iannazzo, Operations
Training Timeline:
Time Commitment:
Our proposed solution includes a partnership with Skillsoft,
an online learning solution
Our overall budget associated with this proposal is $144,880, which includes:
Upon the approval of our proposal from the board of directors, the next steps would be:
Implementation of the beta phase of the program, with a
2-week testing phase.
Assuming a successful beta test,
we are prepared to achieve
full-scale implementation
within a 4-week time frame.
After initial rounds
have commenced, we will evaluate and take feedback
so that we can revise and
further improve our program.
If the outcome is good,
we will continue its use through December 2014,
with annual reevaluation.
Communication is Key:
The Big
Our employees are our greatest asset...
Investing in their training and development now will produce a significant return on investment in the long run.
Pre-Training Placement Testing
Engaging Training Tools
Post-Training Assessment
Reaction Surveys
Reward Factor
Week 1: Onboarding, mentor assignment, and pre-training assessment

Week 2-25: 5 training solutions tailored to the employees needs
Positive effects on the workplace include:
Employee Effectiveness and Efficiency
More Satisfied Employees
More Attractive Workplace
Better Management Pool
Less Risk to the Company
The manager, employee, mentor, and subject matter expert (SME) must all dedicate time to the program.

Our comprehensive communications schedule is designed to keep the employee and mentor well-informed and motivated, and to alert the manager and SME to any concerns.
Components of an Effective Training Program:
Total software/CBT investment: $34,880
$160 incremental cost per employee equates to about $0.15
per hour when compared to 6 months of employment served

Labor: Used average hourly rate of $25/hour
Total labor investment: $110,000 (partially absorbed when
employee is in an exempt/salaried role)
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