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How to Answer PEE Style Questions

No description

Amber Wagner

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of How to Answer PEE Style Questions

Answering PEE Style Questions
What does PEE stand for?
How To Identify a PEE Style Question
After reading a selection and the following question includes the key words "Use specific details from the selection" you then know that you must PEE on it!
You must include the following statements in your PEE answers:
As the selection states "...."
The first step in answering a PEE style question is to read the selection associated with it! Give it a try
Written Answer: Why should everyone learn about workplace safety? Use specific details from the text and your own ideas to support your answer.
Everyone should know about workplace safety so that nobody is unaware or at risk on the job. As the selection states "When I did a research project at school, I found that an average of 42 young workers are harmed on the everyday just in Ontario; you don't want to be one of them". This quotation shows that by just knowing workplace safety you could protect yourself and others on the job.
Hopefully this will help you prepare for the OSSLT!
Written by: Amber Wagner
-Part of the question and your point.
-An example quotation/piece of evidence.
-Explanation- Tying our ideas to the text.
Text to Self
Text to Text
Text to World
Example: What is one character trait that describes Amy? Use specific details from this selection and your own ideas to support your answer.
This quotation shows ..
P - Part of the question and YOUR point.
E - Piece of evidence/quotation.
E -Your explanation/tying the evidence to your point.
POINT - Part of the question and your point/idea.
EVIDENCE - Piece of evidence/quotation from the selection.
EXPLANATION - connect your point/idea to the evidence.
"Use specific details from the selection and your owns ideas"
Step 2: Writing
PEE on it !
Step 3: Completion!
Now that you've finished writing your PEE answer but that last step to finish your piece is to re-read it and make any changes you think are necessary to receive the most amount of points on that particular question!
Check for things like:
Proper use of conventions
Did you include "As the selection states" and "This quotation shows"?
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