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06.05 Module Six Project


Ladii NeneTrustNone

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of 06.05 Module Six Project

Solution Littering (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr 1. Littering affects households and local residents because when someone litters on the ground the stuff they litter often finds its way to the waterways. Litter can clog up storm drains and harm the water quality and find its way to the rivers, lakes and oceans that households and local residents need in their everyday life’s.
2. Littering affects area businesses because if there's a lot of trash in one area and the places doesn't look pleasant, less people are more likely to not want to shop there
3.Littering affect our government at the local, state, and national levels because they're the ones that have to come up with a conclusion of how they will fix the issue. They also have to pay for ans costs.
4. Littering affects the rest of the world because it brings carbon and dioxide in the air. The world is connected so what ever in garbage that might have been dropped in the ocean of Japan can one day wash up on the coast line of California.
5.Littering affect resources, goods and services, and finances because it can build up and attract insects and rodents, which carry germs and disease. Litter, such as broken glass or scrap metal, can also cause physical harm. Littering effects my community because it makes my city streets and town look bad (trashy).

Members of my family say that littering is a crime and that its not right. They also say that no one should litter. 06.02 What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work? Are there budget or labor concerns? Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution? What challenges are there to implementing each solution? How else might you judge possible solutions against each other? What do your parents say about the issue? Having a citizens corporation is necessary, for the solution of littering to work . Yes, there are budget concerns because the money has to come from the government, and right now the government isn't doing so hot. The public needs to be aware of the solution and they also need to support it as well. My father said " it's about time something gets done about the issue littering." I would compare and contrast. Each solution has there own challenges but the challenges that are faced by littering an cause a whole range of problem for everyone in the community. 6.01 This is a bad case of littering. 6.03 What can we do to address this issue?
The president could give the nation wide a speech on how littering affect the environment. Local community centers can go visit schools and teach the young students about littering. What can others do?
Others can just be better citizens and not trash the community. Parents can also teach their kids the right way to dispose their waste. Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem?
Yes there are multiply perspectives on how to address littering. Littering serves a negative externality in all sector of the economy.

Government: negative
Financial market: negative because it cost money to pick up waste.
Rest of the wold: negative the world shares air, water, est. If the air is polluted in all areas of the world that;s a bad thing.
Product/factor market: negative No one wants to visit an unwelcoming trashy place.
Business: negative
Households: negative What are the externalities, both positive and negative that could result from each possible solution?
A positive externality of the president giving the nation wide a speech about how littering can affect the environment, for example if business start putting up signs to stop littering. A negative externality would be if people started littering more than before. A positive externality of a local community center visiting schools and teach young students about littering would be cleaner parks and schools. A negative externality for example would be, if one student decided not to listen and went around saying that the representative doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Nasty polluted water My best solution would be to put up signs that have something to do with recycling and put up more trash cans. If people follow those new rules, there will be a limit to the littering issues, in some community’s . Any individual that doesn’t follow the new rules will have to pay a small fine.
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