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Wayne Williams

No description

Laurin Mulholland

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams
Were there any precursors?
Wayne was always a good kid, there was no mental illnesses or problems as a child. The criminal behavior did not start until Williams was approximately 21 years old. His mother Faye Williams, along with his father Homer Williams, were both school teachers. They always treated their son well. There was no abuse, or disrespectful behavior. His parents were involved in no way for the reasoning behind his killings.
Wayne's adult life
Up until the time that he was convicted, he lived at home with his parents. He never married or has any children of his own. He attended and graduated form Frederick Douglass High School. He also went to Georgia State University but dropped out. Shortly after he left university he began a radio business in the basement of his home. Wayne was known around town as a a pathological liar, and there were always many rumors that he was a homosexual, but nothing to prove it.
Any mental illnesses? Or treatments?
Wayne was never diagnosed with any mental disorders or, illnesses. He was only a compulsive liar, and nothing could change that.
What was Waynes childhood like?
Wayne Bertram was born may 27th 1958 (55 years old). He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was early known for criminal activity, and was a dangerous place to be raised. Waynes childhood was average, and for the most part he stayed away from the trouble in Atlanta as a kid.
What did Wayne do?
Wayne was accused and convicted of 27 child murders, along with 2 older male murders from 1979-1981 in Atlanta. All of his victims were young black boys. The victims were found dumped in the river. The cause of death was said to be "probable" asphyxia. The medical examiners could not prove that the children had been strangled. He got 2 life sentences in prison. The murders ended after Wayne was arrested in 1981.

What was his behavior when he was caught?
Wayne was an extremely good liar. When he was approached by the police, he stayed very calm and never changed his story. He was very convincing, but his reputation lead people to think differently. However, in court he was very defensive, and frustrated. It was at times like two different people, he would be calm and then all of a sudden he would snap and begin yelling and insulting people, trying to defend his stories.
Was he able to withstand trial?
He stayed very calm, and he kept to his story, even though it was a lie. He didn't seem to care that he was about to go to prison. Wayne was smart, but he taunted the investigators. He was pretty much telling them "Yeah I killed those kids, but you better prove it, can you prove it?"
What was his punishment?
After Wayne was arrested, he was found guilty after two trials. He was charged with 29 murders, and recieved two life sentences in federal prison.
Where is he now?
Wayne is still alive, doing his time in federal prison because of his actions.
After a short while, Williams was well known as the "Atlanta Monster", or the "Atlanta Child Killer."
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