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Tim Hortons

No description

Veronique Maistriau

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Tim Hortons

Executive Summary

Project Benefits

Estimated Budget

Top Risks Management

Executive Summary
What is the problem that we have identify ?
People lining up for a long time to make an order
People embarrassed because they are in a hurry

What is the solution that we come up with?
Two Automated cashier self order kiosk

What is the impact of the solution?
Provide an innovative way of ordering
Better quality of service
Short period of time

Estimated Budget
Easy to install
Attract more customers
Customer Convenience
Brand Awareness

Faster service

Higher revenue due to increase in customers.
Risks Management
Project cost:
Might be out of budget range
Technical issues:
Might have some problems with touch screen
Lateness in ordering:
People may order at the same time.
Attractiveness of facilities
People might not be interested in using touch screen
Tim Hortons
Project Benefits
Project team payment: $1,840

Self-kiosks: $20,000 x 2 = $40,000

Miscellaneous: $500

Total cost (GBC Investment): $42,430

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