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Calculating the First Year of Baby

No description

Tennisha Riley

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Calculating the First Year of Baby

First 3 months at home
Enroll in on campus childcare services:
$1,417.00 per month (full-time)
$1,034.00 per month (3 day schedule)
First Year Total Cost:
Car Seat
Diaper Bag
Sling or Wrap
Daily Essentials
Diaper Service: $40/per week
Nursing Bras
Electric Breast Pump
Milk Storage Bags
Glass Baby Bottles (~$100)
High Chair
Nursery Items:
Crib, Crib Mattress, Changing Table, Co-sleeper, Bedding (sheets, bumper, blanket), Extra sheets, Baby Monitor, Mobile: handmade, Dresser. Decorations
Opt-out item(s):
Total Cost: $1809
Lessons Learned: Think about safety! What has been recalled, what has bad reviews. Sometimes the nice looking things are not always the safest.
Calculating the First Year of Baby
Tennisha N. Riley M.A
Final Co$t
Bottle Brush (Silicone)
Activities: Swings, Play Yards, Door Jumper, Toys, Books!
College Savings
Lesson Learned: Ask your employer about child care benefits:
Do they provide discounted rates? Tuition assistance? Reduced cost for multiple children?
Lessons Learned:
How long should you breastfeed? Does this cut down on cost of food and feeding? How to deal with feeding when mom is at work?

No pump markets to comfort?!
Lessons Learned:
Space and Time!
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