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UPSR English Workshop: Section A (q31-q40) & Section B

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Mohd Zamri Azmi

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of UPSR English Workshop: Section A (q31-q40) & Section B

UPSR English Workshop:
Paper 1: Reading-comprehension (q31-q40)

i) Section A (Questions 31 - 40): What is it about?
a) There are two types of text provided for reading-comprehension questions:
Linear text
- a comprehensive-detailed text (newspapers)
Non-linear text
- a text with less words, but relevant diagrams (a pie chart, advertisement).

b) Linear text is
! ; however, it might provide

comprehensive information
and content-oriented in regards to notion being discussed.

c) Non-linear text
simple, but it is far
! It requires deep understanding and analytical observation.

d) Nevertheless, for both types of text, questions would be still text-driven. Answers are
in text.
ii) Section A (Questions 31 - 40): How does it look?
a) Linear Text
iii) Section A (Questions 31 - 40): How to tackle it?
b) Non-linear text
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