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Information session - Exchange - Global Programs

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on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of Information session - Exchange - Global Programs

ANU Global Programs
Student Exchange Information Session Semester 1, 2018

Learn about another culture
Become more independent and confident
Opportunity to travel
Meet new people
Gain international experience
Career development

Austria | Brazil | Brunei | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Finland | France | French Polynesia | Germany | Hong Kong | Hungary | Indonesia | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Korea | Mexico | Myanmar | Netherlands | New Caledonia |New Zealand | Norway | Peru | Portugal | Singapore | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Thailand | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States

Where can I go?
How does exchange work?
Exchange is for one semester
Remain enrolled at ANU
Continue to accumulate your normal tuition fees
Must maintain a full-time study load (24 units)
Courses studied overseas should be credit-bearing (i.e. count towards your ANU degree)
Why go on exchange?
Am I eligible?

Completed 48 units (1 year of full-time study)
Minimum GPA of 4 on a 7 scale* (pass average) – includes all courses taken in your undergraduate degree
Obtain approved College Endorsement Form for your exchange semester

Requirements at the time of going on exchange:
* At the time of application and going on exchange, minimum GPA of 6 for restricted partners.

You can go on exchange starting from your second year!

Please note:

Some year-level restrictions for students in specific ANU programs and/or partners' programs may be applicable.

'Restricted' partners: GPA of 6 (distinction average) and above and a 'statement of purpose'

Students must meet any additional requirements of their Academic College(s).

Exchange is competitive. Students with a high GPA are more likely to receive one of their top preferences.

International students are not permitted to go on exchange to their home country
All US Partners (except School of Art specific US partners)
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
King's College London, United Kingdom
Lund University, Sweden
McGill University, Canada
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Peking University, China
Sciences Po, France
The University of Tokyo, Japan
University of British Columbia, Canada
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
University of Toronto, Canada

List of restricted partners
General suitability

A good candidate will demonstrate:

Good organisational skills
Ability to follow application instructions
Emotional resilience
A sense of “community spirit”
Choosing a partner University
List five (5) partner universities

Look at:

Information on their page in the ANU Global Programs system
Partner university websites
College websites

Would you like to live in a big city or a small town?
Do you need to be in an English-speaking country?
What is the cost of living? Does it fit your budget?
What is the weather and climate like?
What are some of the cultural values of the country?
What experience do you want from exchange?
Does the university offer courses you would find interesting?
What activities and sports are popular?
Is it important to be closer to Australia?

Academic considerations
Utilise elective courses because this allows for more flexibility!

Restricted courses
Cancellation of courses
Timetable conflicts
Course content

If you do not have enough electives remaining in your degree structure or are not absolutely certain that courses completed overseas will count towards your major(s), you are advised not to go on exchange – seek advice from your College/s
Electives courses
What courses should I take?
Investigate courses at partner universities that will complement your course of study
You MUST see your College/s academic advisor to discuss what courses you should take
ANU Global Programs cannot provide guidance or approval on what you study

Academic transcript
Your grades from exchange will not appear on your ANU academic transcript
‘Exchange Program’ appears on your ANU academic transcript with ‘EE’ (enrolled elsewhere)
You can request a copy of your academic transcript from your host university for your own purposes

Studying in a foreign language
Minimum language requirements
Get a Language Approval Form and have it approved through the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, and include with your application

French: Ashok Collins <Ashok.Collins@anu.edu.au>
German: Katie Sutton <Katie.Sutton@anu.edu.au>
Italian: Piera Carroli <Piera.Carroli@anu.edu.au>
Spanish: Manuel Delicado <Manuel.Delicado@anu.edu.au>
Vice-Chancellor’s Coursework Travel Grants
Centrelink Youth Allowance

Vice-Chancellor’s Coursework Travel Grants
Access and Equity (up to AUD $10,000)

- be an Australian domestic student and be financially disadvantaged
This may include students that also meet one or more of the following criteria:
- Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
- Have a long-term medical condition or disability
- A holder of refugee status/Australian humanitarian visa
- From a regional and remote background

Applications for the Access and Equity grant open in April and close in June.

For any application questions, please refer to http://www.anu.edu.au/students/contacts/access-inclusion

Australian Government grants
New Colombo Plan Scholarships and Mobility Program

Endeavour Mobility Program

Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship

Please see the ANU Global Programs system and Government sites for more information on grants and other funding

Application process
1) Check your eligibility and investigate partner universities

2) Must complete College Endorsement Form, calculate GPA and obtain signature from Academic College(s)

Flexible Double students should get both College signatures if they intend to study courses to count towards both degrees on exchange

3) If applicable, complete Language Approval Form with School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

4) Complete ANU Global Programs online application by
31 May 2017 11.55pm (AEST)
Late applications cannot be accepted
Upload all documents by the deadline
List five (5) partner universities and rank them
You can load responses from previous exchange applications

How do I calculate my GPA?
The GPA is reflected on your academic transcript.

ANU Global Programs uses the official ANU GPA calculation method to calculate your GPA after the May 2017 exams

You can find the GPA calculator we use on the ANU Global Programs system

All courses count!

What happens next?
Students will receive just
offer to a nominated partner.

1) Students should be prepared to accept the nomination offer to the partner university (July 2017)
if you reject your offer, you are saying ‘no’ to exchange in this application round

2) Attend compulory nomination and
pre-departure briefings

3) Must
complete application
to host university

4) Receive and accept offer from host university

5) Apply for visa

6) Attend pre-departure briefing (November 2017)

7) Get final course enrolment approval
letter from your College

8) Bon Voyage!

NB: This is assuming that everything goes according to plan. Applicants must be aware that problems can arise from time-to-time and must be flexible in their plans
Your responsibilities
Regularly check your ANU email account
Confirm travel arrangements
Attend any briefings
MUST complete 'Application for Enrolment Variation' form with Academic College(s) - failure to do this could mean not being credited for your exchange courses, visa cancellations (int. students) or Centrelink payment cancellations (dom. Students)
Meet all deadlines
Before departure
Travel and living costs
Ensure all financial obligations are met
Visa regulations
Full-time enrolment
Being a good representative of ANU, Canberra and Australia

While overseas
Upon return

Assist in promotional activities on and off campus

Share and provide feedback on your experiences

Non-Asia - $6,567
Asia - $7,880

Two payments over your lifetime - 6 month intervals

Australian Citizens, Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders or New Zealand Special Category Visa holders

Commonwealth supported place in a degree program

48 units passed (approx. 8 courses)

6 units left at ANU to complete
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Instagram
Connect with us
Come see us!
1/25 Childers Street. Mon - Wed - Fri : 9.00am-12.30pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 2.00pm-5.30pm
What are we looking for?
Thank you!

Important Info
Students who are in their first year, either having completed 24 or 48 units - and yet to commence second-year - are eligible to be considered for one of the grants. Later-year students are welcome to apply, but cannot be considered for one of the grants.

First Year Learning Abroad Programs
PRIMO programs are short, multi-disciplinary, credit-bearing and the destinations we offer will inspire you to study abroad into the future.
These programs are short and are fee-paying opportunities.
Requirements for Law students

Law students need to have completed at least 6 Law courses (36 units) at the time of application

All law student must consult the College of Law on eligibility as there are implications to the research component to your law degree

GPA of 5 and above in all your Law courses
South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, England, Canada, or Thailand
Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship
AUD $ 10,000 grants available for students going to the following universities:
Beijing: Tsinghua University and Peking University
Shanghai: Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University
Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong
Singapore: National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University
Applications open on 26 September 2016!

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