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Epic Pandemics

No description

Daniel Dalton

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Epic Pandemics

Pandemic or Panic? Pandemic:
1. (of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, a continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.
2. general; universal
Mass Psychogenic Disease: an illness characterized by real symptoms
when no cause is found. A stressed brain is convinced by the media and
panic it should be sick. SWINE FLU (H1N1) The new form of the influenza virus not unlike the
one found in pigs. Symptoms include fever, a cough, sore throat, body and head aches, and vomiting. Certain complications can occur to individuals with
previous health conditions such as pregnancy, sometimes resulting in death. DEATH TOLL: 14,711 worldwide, cases in 209 countries Due to hysteria and a huge misconception, Egypt ordered the mass slaughter of over 300,000 pigs, altough the pigs themselves cannot transmit the flu to humans. Can be prevented with vaccines. Most people
can easily fight the disease without treatment. AVIAN FLU A virus naturally occuring in birds that
can infect humans. Usually normal flu symptoms such as fever, cough, and headaches, but can also cause life threatening respritory diseases. The mass media and public overreacted horribly as projections that millions of Americans would
become infected and die fortunately fell
completely short. The Past The Bubonic Plague
a.k.a. The Black Death Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, high fever,
headaches, and vomiting. The outbreak of the started in Europe during the 1300s and did not fully die down untill the1600s. Apocalyptic predictions left citizens living in fear and scrambling for vaccinations. Mortality rates were staggering as the plague left one-third of Europe's population dead (25 million) in five years. The Black Death rightly deserved the widespread fear and panic it sent the world into, being the most deadly pandemic of all time. An illness transmitted indirectly by rats through flea bites. Almost untreatable in medieval Europe but very managable today. The Present HIV/AIDS HIV is virus that attacks specific blood cells vital to the immune system. AIDS is the late stage form of HIV in which the body has very little immune system remaining. The continent with the highest HIV rate is Africa because of the poor sanitation and education HIV is transmitted through contact with the blood of an individual who is HIV+. Swine Flu received more worldwide attention then it deserved because of how common it is to the common flu. The swine flu pandemic is a near mirror image to the avion flu panic. Unfulfilled predictions left the bird flu as a international panic attack. HIV victims first feel flu-like symptoms but later experience cancer, kidney cardiovascular, and liver disease. It also leaves the body unprotected to all illnesses HIV/AIDS is a well known disease and many charities are set up to battle AIDS in third world countries. AIDS is a true pandemic that kills millions each year Death Toll 2008: 2.4 million From time to time their are outbreaks of diseases that
will be covered heavily by the media. It remains important that the world does not panic about a harmless illness. Civilization needs to keep its head pointed at the real pandemics threatening lives. By: Daniel Dalton
Dean Suddereth
Brent Moral
Britian Sherman
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