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Humanly Obsession with Pleasure: An Analysis of Brave New World

IB English 11 IA

Sam Dow

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Humanly Obsession with Pleasure: An Analysis of Brave New World

ENTERTAINMENT Humanly Obsession With Pleasure Conclusion takes activities of the society ALL OF THESE THINGS Purpose: to make sure everyone in the society is happy and pleased DRUGS what do they do? SEX Brave New World Huxley demonstrates the human obsession of pleasure in Brave New World through his illustrations of sex, drugs, and passive entertainment. The obsession of pleasure is used in the utopian society to prevent independent thinking in order to create a stable society. Drugs impair the mind. SOMA. When bad things happen, take it. WHY? distracting. "But it's terrible," Lenina whispered...She felt in her pocket for her soma" (Huxley 111). "Too awful!...Oh, I wish I had my soma...I wish I had my soma" (Huxley 116). AUTOMATIC. Take away reality... Use of repetition: "I wish I had my soma" Refusal of reality: "Too awful" Too unpleasant...if it's not pleasing, take it away, RATHER THAN TRYING TO DO SOMETHING. Character foil with Bernard, who refuses to take soma Bernard = intrigued with Savages vs. Lenina = disgusted and upset that repetition, her addiction, her obsession SENSATION. this society. as opposed to PERCEPTION. sensation = experiencing perception = thinking or knowing about sensation VS uses brain power requires no effort unconscious reaction unique to each individual can produce disagreement overwhelmed with constant sensational experience to prevent perception Huxley uses a plenitude of descriptive words. the exaggerated list of sensory experiences emphasizes the overwhelming feelings the audience is taken over by pleasant scents! "The plot of the film was extremely simple...the negro had a helicopter accident, fell on his head. Thump! what a twinge through the forehead...She protested. He persisted" (Huxley 168). SIMPLICITY. simple sentence structure avoids complex thinking focuses on aesthetic pleasure uses nothing to provoke perceptive thinking 3 major newspaper: The Hourly Radio The Gamma Gazette The Delta Mirror Newspapers no longer broadcast news News and politics are too upsetting controversies, arguments, debates, sides... sad news, bad news now used for entertainment as well auditory pleasure CORE OF THE COMMUNITY Why do humans have sex? Our society... Huxley's society time is spent having sex "'Then what's time for?' asked Lenina in some astonishment...'Talking? But what about?' Walking and talking - that seemed a very odd way of spending an afternoon" (Huxley 89). talking and spending time with each other helps build relationships this society avoids creating bonds because they cause pain break ups back-stabbers solution? short term relationships with everyone "every one belongs to every one else" (Huxley 40). no commitment avoids jealousy, heart break no disappointments or broken hearts Sex produces a quick satisfaction "'Has any of you been compelled to live through a long time-interval between the consciousness of a desire and its fulfilment?'...'I once had to wait nearly four weeks before a girl i wanted would let me have her.' 'And you felt a strong emotion in consequence?' 'Horrible!' 'Horrible; precisely" (Huxley 44). question is worded fanciful manner sounds complex and puzzling (for a simple community) reflects the point of waiting...relationships become complex and difficult horrible! describes why they have quick sex... waiting is not enjoyable or pleasing no suffering or desparation Why work so hard to channel and utilize this obsession of pleasure in society? STABILITY. "'Stability,' said the Controller, 'stability.' No civilization withouth social stability. No social stability without individual stability'...'Stability,' insisted the Controller, 'stability. The primal and the ultimate need. Stability. Hence all this" (Huxley 42-43). repeated EIGHT TIMES maybe its important? just a thought... emphasis on how much stability matters to this society short sentence fragments simplicity in the thinking of the society creating a simple society by using the human's obsession of pleasure = STABILITY incorporates humans obsession of pleasure by using sex, drugs, passive entertainment no thinking, no questions, no questions, no conflicts, no conflicts, no problems = STABILITY "'our young people need distraction...We don't encourage them to indulge in any solitary amusements" (Huxley 163). majority of the activities are sexually involved waiting complex, independent thinking has been sacrificed wants readers to question the worth of free thought and stability Huxley's Admonition How are we doing today in our society? "rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender, of rosemary, basil, myrtle, tarragon...through the spice keys into ambergris...sandalwood, camphor, cedar and new-mown hay...hyper-violin, super-cello, and oboe...yearning harmonics" (Huxley 166-167). used as an appeal because humans enjoy sex doing so distracts and discourages independent thinking "The Hourly Radio, composed feely scenarios...happiest knack for slogans and hyponædic rhymes" (Huxley 67).
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