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Minor Characters in to Kill a Mockingbird

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Yaa Takyiwaa

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Minor Characters in to Kill a Mockingbird

Charles Baker Harris "DILL" SMAll ROLE: BIG IMPACT!!!
MINOR CHARACTERS IN TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD They are Boo Radley's parents. Mr.Radley was a
very religious and strict man. Mrs.Radley only was only visible when she came out to sweep the front porch. The Cunninghams Walter Cunninghams Aunt Alexandra Atticus's sister who is a strong willed woman
with a fierce devotion to her family. Her commitment to propriety and tradition often leads to clashing with Scout. She is constantly nagging Atticus about how he raises Scout because she is a tomboy. Brainstorming Mrs.Radley, Mr.Radley Reverend Sykes Aim: How do minor characters impact the storyline of To Kill a Mockingbird? MIss Caroline Do Now: Name all the minor characters that you can think of in To Kill a Mockingbird Minor Characters The Cunninghams
Aunt Alexandria
Uncle Jack
Reverend Sykes
Mrs.Henry Lafayette Dubose
Miss Caroline
Mayella Ewells
Robert E. Lee Ewells
Mr.Radley, Mrs.Radley What are Minor Characters? Minor characters are the people in a story who
are not the main point of the story (Not THE PERSON WHO THE STORY IS HAPPENING TO) but still interact with or grab the attention of those who are the main characters NOW WE ARE GOING TO TAKE A LOOK AT THE MINOR CHARACTERS IN
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD The Cunninghams are a poor family who pay their debt with their crops. Scout gets in trouble for explaining that Walter can't borrow any lunch money from Miss Caroline because he cant pay her back. After Jem rescues Walter from Scout's abuse on the playground, later that day Walter goes home with them for lunch and gets Scout into trouble again because she questioned him pouring molasses over his food. Mr.Cunningham Was one of the men from Old Sarum who came to lynch Tom Robinson but was unsuccessful due to Scout, Jem and Dill's interruption.
He is also one of Atticus's clients when he needed legal help with a land problem Uncle Jack Jack is Atticus's younger brother who is a doctor in Boston. He comes to stay with Atticus, Jem and Scout for a week every Christmas and the kids love him. It is he who takes Scout aside when he is going through her cussing phase and convinces her to quit because he doesn't like hear such words. Scout's young first grade teacher who
tells her that she can't read with Atticus anymore because he does not know how to teach. She also whips Scout on the first day of school because she misunderstands when Scout tells that Walter Cunningham is poor and that's why he doesn't have lunch. Mayella Ewell Bob Ewell's abused and lonely daughter. She accuses Tom Robinson of Rape. Now its time to play
WHEEL OF JEOPARDY Directions for Wheel of Jeopardy DIRECTIONS!!!!
-Split into two teams
-Have one representative from each team come up to the board to spin the WHEEL (this person will spin for the rest of the game. CHOOSE WISELY)
- Each team gets one turn
-If one team gets the answer wrong, the other team has a chance to answer it. Jem and Scout’s summer neighbor and friend. Dill is a diminutive, confident boy with an active imagination.
He becomes fascinated with Boo Radley and symbolizes the perspective of childhood innocence throughout the novel. He is the Preacher at the First Purchase Church (Culpurnia's church) who made Scout and Jem feel welcomed at the church. He also helped Jem and Scout get seats during the trial with the colored folks on the balcony. Robert E. Lee Ewells People always call him Bob Ewell instead of his actual name Robert Ewell.
Bob is left-handed, which becomes an important piece of evidence for the trial of Tom Robinson. He regularly goes out to drink and abuses his own children when he gets home.
Bob is actually the one that abused Mayella but instead of admitting it, he made up a whole different story of how Tom Robinson raped and abused his daughter. Importance of Minor Characters Minor characters help to drive the plot
They influence the way the main characters act and what they do
They reveal information, give us background or set a mood (ex. Boo Radley) Mrs. Dubose is a sickly old neighbor two houses down from the Finchs. She is a grouchy old woman who yells mean things about scout and Jem about how they'll amount to nothing when they grow up. Jem takes scout's baton and destroys her garden when she says something negative about Atticus. Jem was given the punishment of reading to her everyday for 2 hours and he resented every moment of it. She soon dies and Jem was given the camellia flower after her death Mrs. Lafyette Dubose http://.roch.edu/dept/et/wheel/wheel.html
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