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Resources for Teachers

No description

Maddie Wolff

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Resources for Teachers

Transform Your Curriculum With Technology
Anita Lesage, Maddie Wolff & Sarah Brown

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@anitalesage7 @wolffmaddie @essbrown4

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Teacher Tools
Classroom Tools
Resources for teachers
Tools For Your Subjects
Mentor Mob
Teach 100
Create quick free accounts that are accessible from anywhere online
PowToon is the best free animated presentation online software tool and PowerPoint alternative that supercharges your presentations and animated videos
Save time and create awesome animated explainer video clips that bring the WOW factor to your demos, and presentations
Create cool social media clips
Give awesome animated presentations
Share your Powtoon’s with: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube or HD export.
Revamp old presentations, or create one from scratch with Projeqts user-friendly dashboard.
Pull live tweets or blog feeds, insert interactive maps, add audio notes or stream videos from the web - they can all live in real-time.
Create layers or "stacks"to enhance stories. Creating stacks gives you room to go off-track, and unveil new connections for the audience.
Link together and connect as many presentations as you like.
Projeqt is device-friendly and works on any modern-day browser. You can start viewing your presentation on a laptop or desktop, take it to a mobile phone and finish it on a tablet. Projeqt instinctively optimizes your presentation.
You can connect with your Linkedin, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
The idea is that you scoop any concept in which you may like and share with those around you.
By attaching it to your Twitter account it will send out a tweet of what you have scooped.
Others can then follow and read the information.
•Simple and easy to use. Add videos and photos, choose a style, and insert text and music to create an exciting video to share online.
•Create videos in HD and stream or download them in 320p or 720p
•Choose from over 50 styles and thousands of preloaded songs
•iPhone and Android apps are available
•Multiple embedding options, to Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs.
A real time online collaboration whiteboard.
Share files, browse websites, and mark them up along side a chat feature
No plug ins or downloads are needed so it won't be blocked by firewalls
The pro account is free for educational usage just send them an e-mail to create this account.
Allows you to save all of your resources in one simple location
Create a webmix of web resources and share it easily with your class
Find hundreds of webmixes full of resources for a wide variety of subject areas
Create, research and copy playlists for yourself either through collaboration, or individually.
Learning playlists can be embedded into blogs and websites
Delivers high-quality professional development for teachers, and allows students to construct their own ideas.
You are able to find information about any subject area, including technology implementation.
Take a look at a page we have created with mentor mob for the ICT curriculum.
Teach100 is a resource to help educators and those in the field of education find the most relevant blogs from across the Web. The list is compiled based on blogs you recommend to us, and is meant to reflect the quality of education blogs that are available.
Every 24 hours, they scan the Internet for blogs in their database, and those blogs are assigned a score based on level of engagement from visitors, quality of content, frequency of updates and more.
There are four major components of the Teach100 score:
Social (40%) – Engagement as determined through its combined Facebook shares, Tweets and StumbleUpon visits to the blog and its most recent posts.
Activity (20%) – The frequency of a blog’s updates. The more frequently a blog is updated, the higher its activity score
Authority (20%) – The overall authority and influence relative to the rest of the web as determined by the number of sites linking to the blog.
Teach Score (20%) – The Teach Score considers how media is used throughout a blog, how topics in education are discussed, the timeliness of blog content, the capacity to inform, and the overall presentation of the blog.
Social Studies
Presentation Tools
Collaboration Tools
Haiku Deck
Marking & Assessment
Instructional videos for middle school and high school math
Excellent online resource for students to refer to for help outside of class
Create a visual board of your ideas and work
Easily collaborate with others, get mural updates on changes that have been made, and call out others to send them an email about any activity.
Drag images, sound, text, and video from the web or from your computer right onto the mural.
Free app for students and teachers to ask and answer each other's questions
Turns your iPad into a whiteboard that can record audio and visuals
Live Binders is great to collect and store all of your work and resources in one place.
Access and update your site online or from your mobile device in real time.
Keep videos, Powerpoints, Slideshare and Prezi presentations for your students to access any time.
Gives parents and students access to assignments and class resources outside of the classroom.
Makes it easy to collaborate with other teachers.
Designed to make visually stunning presentations
Simple to work with, providing fun finished products
Start with an idea, add background photos, using either your own or choose from many preloaded images. Share using Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or download to your computer.
Popplet is a place for your brainstorming and organizing ideas.
It is used as a space to create galleries, record and organize your thoughts, and most importantly, do it through collaboration.
Wolfram Alpha
Excellent reference tool for you and your students
Great for math but also a wide variety of other subjects
Khan Academy
The Elements:
A Visual Exploration
The Elements: A Visual Exploration
Created for iPad based on international bestselling book
Outlines each element in detail while showing photos and 3D images of samples
Also available in 12 other languages for EAL learners
Compatible with 3D glasses
3D Cell Simulation
3D Cell Simulation
Free app for exploring cell structures in 3D
Rotate 360 degrees and zoom in on specific parts
View videos explaining the functions of each component
Red Pen Tool
Easy Assessment
Rubric Creation & Assessment Tools

Create your task
Create your assignment
Upload the work
Annotate the work
Mark the work
Rubric creation and assessment tool
A simple way to capture and assess performance in any context or situation.
Video library of free instruction and interactive assessments
Teachers are able to follow what each student is learning and see a real-time class report
Over 4100 videos, each about 10 minutes long
Not just science - covers math, computer science, history, economics, finance, and medicine.
Discovery Education
Free resources and lesson plans for Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health & Technology.
These resources are available for K-12
The Smithsonian
Have your students complete a web quest to earn digital badges using the Smithsonian's Centre for Learning and Digital Access
Use Skype to have an expert virtually communicate with your class as a guest speaker
Videos and interactive games
Resources for student research on a variety of historical periods, topics, and historical figures
Google Earth
Explore world geography using Google Earth
Maps, drawing and measuring, historical imagery, and 3D navigation
For desktop, web, and mobile devices
Shoot wrap-around panoramic shots and stitches
Use the web tool for stitching digital photos or use iPhone/iPad app for shooting panoramas
Create free animated videos
Great introduction to animation for your students
iMotion HD
iMotion HD
Free iPad app for creating stop motion videos
Google Forms
Student questionnaire for classroom assessments and comprehension
Customize what is important for you and your classroom.
This is a great tool for formative assessment's.
A tool for activating print with digital content
It specializes in mobile augmented reality and virtually displays digital content through real world objects
Add links to websites, videos, images, audio, social networking feeds and more.
Have real time assessments completed.
Students can be engage virtually with live feeds for full comprehension.
Red Pen Tool
Easy Assessment - Rubric Creation & Assessment Tools
Google Forms
Teach 100
Scoop. It
Mentor Mob
Discovery Education
Free iPad App to download.
Get high quality paid apps for free each day.
Every day hundreds of apps reduce their price to free for a limited time.
Cool Tools for Schools - Wikispaces
Free resources for all that you may need.
Great lists in each category to transform your classroom to much more.
Cool Tools for Schools
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