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Tom Hanks

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was born in Concord California.
When he was only five his parents divorced.
He was then raised by his older brother and sister with his dad, a chef named Amos.
Early Life
Hanks learned about theater at Chabot College in Hayward, California.
He then moved to New York and got a minor part in the low budget film, "He Knows Your Alone."
He then got a part in the television movie, "Mazes and Monsters"
Early Career.
Hank's first major success was t film "Splash" aka a mermaid movie. He got the lead role and a career boost, in all he got around $69 million dollars.

First Major Hits.
Tom Hanks By Charlie
Progression To Dramatic Roles
Hanks started to get into films such as "A League of Their Own." and "Forest Gump", and Sheriff Woody in Toy Story 1, 2, and 3,.
Hanks later went to directing the film "That Thing You Do!" and then met producer Gary Goetmaz and made the company playtone.
Overall Tom Hanks was one of the best actors ever and is still acting such as in Captain Phillips and other movies. His films have grossed over 4.2 BILLION dollars in his career.
Sites Used
Biography.com ("Tom Hanks".),
February 25th 2014
wiki.com, and Internet Movie
February 25th 2014
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