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jazz cafe

No description

Cem Kurtoglu

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of jazz cafe




Promotion High quality service
Friendly employees
Jazz music
Good location STRENGHTS Ensuring the availability of sufficient financial resources

Approving annual budgets

Accounting to the stakeholders for the organization's performance

Setting their own salaries CORPORATION

Limited liability corporation:

Because, it is easy to set up.
Profit loses and taxes are individual rates in each partners.
We have three people and each person is shareholder.
We want to become big and popular company thats why we choose L.T.D. Over the 250 TL bill we give a Red Envelope. There is a prize in it. Next time coming the restaurant, receive this Red Envelope and you can take your free food or drink.

We put a counter in the entrance of our cafe, every 100th customer, wins a Jazz Album. PROMOTION First we will accommodate our infrastructure to strategically and high-populated places (like London, Paris). Little by little with increasing demand our service will access to Izmir and expand our borders especially in touristic places of Turkey. Small kitchen
Small range of foods in the menu
Being new in this sector WEAKNESSES
For our business to be successful we need;

Solid financial resources to meet the investment cost
Time to set up our business
Use of technological systems
Qualified personnel
Long-standing relationships with the customers
Getting patents and trademarks. OUR COMPETITIVE STRATEGY Biggest helper and supporter of chairman

To control production developments

To control the supply chain

To control storage and transportation CEM ARDA KURTOGLU
Trainings about technical and personal developments

Solving the legal issues of employees

Statistic information reports of employees most suitable solution to them.

helping in adaptation period for newcomers.

Motivation, courage and innovation. Duties of the board of directors include;

Governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives;

Selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the chief executive

To provide our customers a dining experience, with top quality food and staff, accompanied with jazz music.

Ensuring that each customer enjoys their delicious food by listening to jazz music. MISSION We chose general partnership because it has a huge opportunity.

General partnership provides important conveniences to new entrepreneurs which is related with enlarging our company. And we have limited liquidity now. WHAT IS JAZZ CAFE & BAR?

Jazz Cafe & Bar is the name of our enterprise.

Why do we choose that name?

Because we want to integrate the interaction between our customers & cafe & bar concept with jazz music. CONTENTS

1) General Information
2) Mission and Vision Statement
3) Management Board
4) The Production Process
5) Swot Analysis
6) 4P
7) The Decision Making Process
8) The Organizational Chart Every position has brief description together with duties, responsibilities and authority. The descriptions cover also qualifications, knowledge and skills needed for the positions. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART PLACE DECISION Our “ Jazz Cafe & Bar” business will mainly depend on quality service supported by quality food, drink that all are domestic and a location where our customers will reach easily by their cars or by public transportation at most 30 minutes a way from Konak Square, relax and enjoy the atmosphere Popular restaurants nearby

Rent may rise more in good locations like ours THREATS Increase our menu range, add special cuisines like Asian foods
Bringing famous Jazz music singers to our restaurant
Buying our next door shop to incrase the space OPPORTUNITIES trasformation PRODUCTION PROCESS INPUTS: Customer’s needs, food, money that we take from customers

TRANSFORMATION:We use money by renting equipments, halls...We do this by using our creativity skills

OUTPUTS: Live performances , a delicious dinner succesful organizations… INPUTS-TRANSFORMATION-OUTPUTS He has also 3 people under him

These people interested in inputs and outputs and help To control financial activities

To distribute equality between employees

To create different training programs to develope employees skills and their communication between them

All advertisement & PR activities

Promoting, hiring, firing employees ALPKAN PAKER

staff quantity 5
Cordial relationship with them. HUMAN RESOURCES TARGET CUSTOMERS Our target customers are middle income people, or students, at 20-55 age, anyone who enjoys a good dinner and interested in jazz music. Our vision is became the leader in the Café & Bar – Restaurants sector.

We want to give the best quality and we want to be a well-known brand for our target costumers.

We want to uses forward-looking technologies in our sector. VISION GIZEM KIBRISLI



We want to offer reasonable price to our customers, because quality is the most important factor for us, not earning so much money.

We provide a more effordable price when compared to our competitors’ price. PRODUCT We want to provide quality service supported by quality foods, drinks and beverages. Also sell homemade domestic wines (supplied by our contracted our own producers) together with foods that are suitable to that kind of wine. Thus we can have our customers taste different kinds of food and drinks from all the regions of the country. This will also distinct us against our competitors. STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES SWOT ANALYSIS MANAGEMENT BOARD BOARD OF DIRECTORS Gizem Kıbrıslı

Alpkan Paker

Cem Arda Kurtoglu GIZEM KIBRISLI


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