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Intervals, 1/2 steps, piano keyboard

Benjamin Fugitt

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Intervals

(take notes)
Glue the keyboard paper and manuscript paper into your composition book.
Piano Keyboard
1/2 steps and Whole steps
Major and Perfect Intervals
Minor, Diminished and Augmented Intervals
Every note on the musical staff lines up with one note on a piano keyboard.
The white keys are
Every key that is in the same position has the same letter name.
ex. 'C' is always the left key next to the two black keys.
The black keys are
If you want to make a note sharp, play the black key just above it (to the right).
If you want to make a note flat, play the black key just below it (to the left).
If you haven't already, write the names of the notes on your keyboard sheet.
You will need this to help with your home work.
You will need to memorize the names of each key.
How many are there to memorize?
If you can't remember one, what is a way you can figure it out?
What is the name of the indicated note?
The space between any two keys on a piano keyboard is called a '1/2 step'.
Two 1/2 steps make a 'whole step'.
1/2 step
whole step
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
Is this a Whole Step or a Half Step?
is the difference between two notes.
A Half Step is the smallest interval.

C - C# is a half step...
and so is C# - C, just going the other direction.

F# - G is a half step
How many half step intervals are there?
(use the keyboard to help find them... remember, the space between any two keys that are next to each other is a Half Step)

Is G- A a half step? Nope, there is a G# in between
Intervals that are larger than a half-step have special names.
They are named after the
between the two notes.

If there is a TWO note difference it is called a
C - D , G - A, B - C, A - G etc.
What other SECONDS can you name?
Remember, an interval can go either up or down.

In you notes, write three SECONDS that start on different notes.
If there is a three note difference the interval is called a

C - E is a third.
*Say the letters starting with the first note, going in order. However many letters you say, that is the interval.
"C, D, E" ... Three letters, therefore it is a THIRD.
G - C, F-A, D- B are some examples of thirds.
In your notes, write three examples of THIRDS.
A difference of 4 notes makes a FOURTH
A difference of 5 notes makes a FIFTH

C - F is a fourth

C - G is a fifth


d e

(four letters, its a fourth)

d e f

(five letters, its a fifth)

On your manuscript paper, make 3 fourths and 3 fifths.
Do you see a pattern yet with the intervals?
A difference of 6 notes is a
A difference of 7 notes is a


d e f g

(six notes, SIXTH)

d e f g a

(seven notes, SEVENTH)

Make a sixth that starts on E
Make a seventh that starts on D

What is the second note of each interval?
There are two more intervals left.
If there are 0 notes difference it is called a
and is abbreviated

If there is an 8 notes difference it is called an
and is abbreviated

C-C is a Prime
d e f g a b
C is an Octave

is the interval from C to C an Octave or a Prime?
You can't tell unless you look at the music notes, or a piano keyboard.
Practice: Transcribe the following onto your music paper.
Between each pair of notes, write the interval. When you are done, write the name of the notes.
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