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Untitled Prezi

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Isabella Samarzia

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Han Dynasty By: Kaylee Diller, Gahl Eden, Sam Katz, Bella Samarzia Liu Bang Liu Bang founded the Han Dynasty in 202 B.C. He worked his way up from a peasant to an emperor of Han. Han Wudi The most terrific emperor of Han was Han Wudi. Major accomplishments
and inventions The era of the
Han dynasty created
many inventions
we use today. How This
Dynasty Ended He developed the "Silk Road"
which made
it possible
for traders
to make more
trades with
linen and silk. As you already know
all great things have
to come to an end!!! This Dynasty
the Qin
Dynasty. This was one of the longest dynastys China ever had spaning over 400 years.
From 200 b.c. to 220 A.D. The less wealthy people were paying a large amount of taxes while the wealthy people were getting richer. The poor started to rebel and the government started to plot ways to come to power. During this time in China the population grew the largest it had ever been until now, modern China. He made a strong army that made his dynasty more powerful by war and battle. By having a strong army he could get more land than ever. He increased his land by so much that at the end it went almost all the way to the outskirts of modern China. In the Silk Road there were many places to stop to increase trades. Before After
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