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Mediterranean climate

Presentation on Mediterranean climate

Nam Nguyen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean climate or Dry Subtropical climate Where it can be found?
between 31 and 40 degrees latitude north and south of the equator
Western sides of continents
Along the coast of Mediterranean Sea

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BBC - Weather Centre - World Weather - Average Conditions - Cape Town." BBC - Homepage. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/city_guides/results.shtml?tt=TT000580>. Characteristics of Mediterrnean climate:

Dry, sinking air varying in humidity.
Rainfall near to impossible, except for occasional thunderstorms.
Regions can go 4 – 6 months without rainfall
In Europe there is more summer rain the further North

Polar jet steam and associated storms reach lower latitudes for the Mediterranean zones
These bring rain and snow at higher altitudes.
Higher grounds receive most of the yearly rainfall
Equatorial latitudes, precipitation is more frequent.
Along the West coast of America the winters are wetter dry seasons shorter the further north.
Differences between Mediterranean climate in northern and southern hemispheres Cape Town (South) Jerusalem (North) Alexandria

Why it is hot and dry in summer?
The sun is at a high angle in the sky, although never directly overhead
Prevailing winds are blown from in-land.

Why is it wet and warm in the winters?
The sun is lower in the, but still higher than places further away from the equator
The prevailing winds are blown from the oceans
The warm, moist air blown in from the seas.

Alexandria average conditions:
Why this conditions are in Alexandria?

In summer there are a lot of Khamsins in the summer.
There are breezes blowing moist from the sea, but the temperatures are too high for air to condense. Also, there is no mountains for relief rainfalls
Prevailing winds blow from north moderate the climate
During winter temperatures are cooler so moist can condense.
Also there are more percipitation due to depressions that come from Europe.
Difference between Meditterranean climate based on location:

On the coast of the Medditerranean Sea: On the coast of the Pacific Ocean:

Athens: Santiago:
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