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National Identity

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daniela mojica

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of National Identity

Daniela Mojica 3rd hour

National Identity
Is a person's identity and sense of belonging to one state or nation. Also the trace, growth, and development of a nation.
Democracy Develops in England
In 106, William duke of Normandy in France invaded England
1) William ended feudalism
2) Began a centralized government in England
3) Developed democracy
Model Parliament 1295-1642
Parliament were strong influence in the government
they limited the power of monarch
Parliament got so powerful that they over through the king, Charles I
Charles dismissed Parliament 1629
1640 was forced to call Parliaments for support in the English Civil War
Parliaments didn't support the king
Establishment of Constitutional Monarch 1653-1689
Enlightenment Thinker and Ideas
17th and 18th centuries
The enlightenment was a intellectual movement
they apply the principles of reason and the method of science
Philosopher established ideas of natural law by observation and reasoned inquiry
The Scientific Revolution was developed
The Scientific Revolution caused thinker to rely on rational thought, then accept traditional beliefs
For example Isaac Newton's discovery
Scientific method was developed
An example of enlightenment thinker were Thomas Hobbes and John Locke , they both considered humans nature and the role of government
Henry II 1154-1189
Henry was a man of great wisdom and vigor, most gifted statesmen of the 12th century
He developed a jury trail and common law
After his death , parliament or England's national legislature were developed
English Civil War 1642-1649
Charles wanted both kingdom to follow one religion
those who were loyal to Charles were called Royalists or Cavaliers
those who supported the Parliaments were called Puritan
Charles tried to arrest Parliament leader in January 1642
By 1647 the Puritans found a general who would win the Civil War, which was Oliver Cromwell
In 1647 Cromwell held king Charles prisoner
In 1649 Cromwell sentenced Charles to death
Oliver Cromwell Rules
1649 Cromwell abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords
he established a commonwealth, a republic form of government
also helped John Lambert write the constitution of England
Parliaments created a government called the Protectorate
1658 Cromwell died
1660 Parliaments restored the monarch and invited Charles Stuart to take the throne (this period was called the Restoration)
but still tried to limit the monarch power, by pass the Habeau Carpus
Habeas Carpus prevented authorities from detaining a person wrong fully or unjustly
Cont. of Establishment of Constitutional Monarch
After Charles II died in 1684, king James took the throne
James was a Roman Catholic and believe in the divine rights
Protestants were afraid that James wanted to make Catholicism the official religion
Protestants hoped that Mary would be come queen
Mary was James daughter
be soon after James wife had a son
Parliament withdraw its support from James and gave the throne to Mary and her husband ,William of Orange ( this period was called Glorious Revolution)
Industrial Revolution 1700-1786
Was the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation
Enclosure: enclosed land with fences or hedges
Enclosure resulted in two important thing
1)Landowners tried new agricultural methods
2)Large landowners would tenanted or forced small farmers to give up there land
Jethro Tull invented a seed driller, allowing farmers to sow seed in a well spaced row
Crop rotation was the method of three field system
The Industrialization: the process of developing machines production by using earth resources came along
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