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If I Stay Book Hook

No description

Kaitlyn S

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of If I Stay Book Hook

If I Stay by Gayle Forman
The book that I chose for the choice book was If I Stay by Gayle Forman.
Key Characters
The main characters in If I Stay are the narrator Mia, her boyfriend Adam, Kim her best friend, her parents, and her grandparents. My favorite character would be Adam. He is my favorite because of how worried he is about Mia and the lengths he would go to to see and protect her. He is loyal, caring, and understanding. Adam is these things throughout the whole book because he stays the same person throughout her memories and in the present.
The setting starts out at Mia's home but then quickly changes to a hospital in Portland after a car ride. This is in modern time, and is in the span of one day. As well as telling the story how it is in the present, it has flashbacks to when Mia was younger.
By Kaitlyn Doyle
If I Stay Book Hook
Main Conflict
The main conflict of this book is weather Mia chooses to stay and live or to leave and die. The characters that are involved in her making her choice are all her family, Adam, and Kim.
If I Stay is about a 17 year old girl named Mia. She is a cellist that lives in a family of rockers. She has a boyfriend named Adam, and a best friend named Kim. She is in the car with her parents and her eight year old brother Teddy, going to her aunt's house when the unimaginable happens. The car crashes. Mia is in critical condition and has her life in her hands. Mia gets transferred to the nearest big hospital, where she then undergoes surgery. She has one day to decided then undergoes if she stays or if she goes. So in this amazing book you follow her thinking process of the most important decision in her life.
Passage from book
A passage from the book that is very surprising and shocking is this
"The car is eviscerated. The impact of a four-ton pickup truck going sixty miles an hour plowing straight into the passenger side had the force of an atom bomb. It tore off the doors, sent the front-side passenger seat through the driver's-side window. It flipped the chassis, bouncing it across the road and ripped the engine apart as if it were no stronger than a spiderweb. It tossed wheels and hubcaps deep into the forest. It ignited bits of the gas tank, so that now tiny flames lap at the wet road."
This passage explains what happened when the car got hit. It has so much detail and sounds somewhat surreal that it has great visualization. It enhances the book because it makes you see how Mia was feeling and how scary that situation must have been for her.
The main theme of If I Stay is that you always have something/someone to live for. This means that even when you think you have noting to live for you do even if you do not see it right then. This is shown is the book because even though Mia just went through this terrible experience she could still find people that she had and that needed her. Another way it is shown is through her wanting to play her cello.
On a scale from 1-5 I would give this a book a 5. I would give If I Stay a 5 because it explains an amazing story of a girl who starts off the book with practically everything, but then looses it and has to learn that there is more than she thought there was. This book shows how precious life is and makes you think what you would do if you where in Mia's situation. Which makes it enjoyable to read.
I would recommend this book because it has a a strong sense of reality and makes you question things in life which are personally some of the best books I have read. If I Stay also has a strong female character who is faced with almost an impossible choice and has to make it all by herself without anyone's help. Another reason why I would recommend this book is because of the detail it has. This book has extremely vivid detail which makes the reading experience so much more interesting. Overall this book is spectacular and once you pick it up you will not put it down until you have read every last word.
Interesting Facts
This book does have a sequel that is called Where She Went which I have not read but have heard god things about. Something that should make you want to read it is that there is a movie being made based on If I Stay. The movie comes out on August 22, 2014.
This is the trailer for the movie.
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