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What makes a good website

No description

Jun Tange

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of What makes a good website

What makes a good website Brief features of a good website:

.clearly visible fonts/pictures(size)
.font size/color constant throughout the page
.color of fonts/background is not either too bright or too dark
.not too many written
.no excess use of colors
.written space not too wide(e.g.from one end to another of a page) A good website should use easy words, short sentences and an approproiate font size to make it easy and efficient to convey it to readers. Visual colors should also be appropriate to the subject of the website, and more basically, it should not make it
hard for the readers to see. When you've made one, look at it and think;

.Can I read it?
.Can I read it without being tired?
.Do I want to read it?
.Does the color/design/font match the content?
.Is the content clear and simple?

Although it would depend on who is looking at it,
if any of them is 'no', better try to make it a 'yes'.
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