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By the Waters of Babylon

Plot Chart, and other features

Annie Clark

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of By the Waters of Babylon

By The Waters of Babylon Presentation by Annie Clark, Natalija Marosz, Matthew LaVoie, and Leah Mckeehan Plot CLIMAX Resolution Exposition Rising Action Falling Action CONFLICT Exposition CONFLICT Rising Action 1 Rising Action 2 Rising Action 3 CLIMAX "I am a priest, and the son of a priest" Father - Priest, guiding understanding John - Innocent, Priest, curious, deep thinker Self vs. Self Self vs. Fate Self vs. Society Need for knowledge Priesthood, the journey The laws tell him not to go east, yet he went anyway John sets out on his journey,
and receives his signs to go east Crosses the great river towards the land of the gods, asking the gods for guidance in his journey Enters the city of the gods and looks around at the ruin that the Burning had caused Receives his vision and receives the knowledge that the gods were nothing more than men who had technology and experimented with too many things Option One John can die from the vision or go home and not be accepted by his people Option Two John returns home and is accepted by his people despite his disobedience of the laws Falling Action Resolution John returns home
John tells his father of his vision and the city of the gods Self vs. Self John now knows that the gods were just people like them Self vs. Fate John is still a priest but has fulfilled his journey and his purpose Self vs. Society Despite his disobedience of the laws, John is accepted back into society and continues his role as a priest and the son of a priest Introduction "By the Waters of Babylon"
By Stephen Vincent Benet Summary *Exposition of John and Father
*The Priests special privileges
*John becomes a Priest
*John undergoes his Eastward journey
*John crosses the river and reaches the Land of the Gods
*John explores the buildings of the gods
*John has a vision of the gods before the Burning and the Burning happening
*John sees the dead god and realizes they were all people
*John returns to his land and tells his Father of his findings
*Father warns John of the dangers of the truth

Literary Devices Allegory *A story that can have a hidden meaning *Hidden Meaning*- How the nature of curiosity can bring one to learn too much about the unknown too fast, which is dangerous! Characterization Indirect John crosses the river despite his fear of death, showing his bravery Point of View First Person Limited: The story is told from John's point of view Theme Conclusion Theme A Deeper Meaning Curiosity can be dangerous when it brings someone to learn too much about the unknown at one time "If you eat too much truth at once, you may die of the truth." Presented by Annie Clark, Leah McKeehan, Natalija Marosz, and Matthew LaVoie Thank You For Your Attention! "...but it is forbidden to go east." "So he knew that I was truly his son and would be a priest in my time." "If I went to the place of the gods, I would surely die, but, if I did not go, I could never be at peace with my spirit again." "Then three deer passed in the valley, going east-they did not wind me or see me. There was a white fawn with them- a very great sign." "I tried to guide my raft with the pole but it spun around. I though the river meant to take me past the Place of the Gods and out into the Bitter Water of the legends. I grew angry then-my heart felt strong. I said aloud, 'I am a priest and the son of a priest!' The gods heard me- they showed me how to paddle with the pole on one side of the raft." "The towers are not all broken- here and there one still stands, like a great tree in a forest, and the birds nest high. But the towers themselves looked blind, for the gods are gone." "I saw it happen, I saw the last of them die. It was darkness over the broken city, and I wept." "I said, 'Father, they were men! I have been in the Place of the Gods and seen it! Now slay me, if it is the law- but still I know they were men." "They were men. I remember the dead man's face. They were men who were here before us. We must build again."
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