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Norwegian Police English Finished

No description

Hamish McCamley

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Norwegian Police English Finished

Norwegian Police The Norwegian Police Service is the official police force in Norway which are run by the Minister of Justice and Police. The department consists of 27 regional areas and seven national special forces. The department has about 11,000 employees. Norwegian police do not carry firearms on a daily basis; they keep them locked down in the patrol cars, and if need arises they have to get permission by the police commissioner or someone authorized by him or her. If there is no time to contact a superior, a police officer may arm himself and anyone under his command. From 1994 to 2004 the Norwegian police fired approximately 79 shots on July 22, 77 people were killed in Oslo and the small island of Utaya in Norway. The first attack was a car bomb going off outside the government offices in Oslo. It killed 8 people the second attack happened on the small island of Utaya were the gunman killed 69 people who were at a summer camp Most of them were teenagers Because of the bombing of the government building in Oslo, most of the police
force was concerned with what was happening in the city. Once news had reached the police that there was a gunman on Utaya, they initialy thought
there was more then one gunman. Spark Andrews Berhring Breivik was said to be a right wing extremist who attacked the youth camp on the Island of Utaya because it was a gathering for the ruleing labour party. because the majority
of the police didnt carry
weaons, they had to wait
one hour for the swat
team to get to the island. The police never carried firearms
because they never really needed them
because they there thought to be
unnecessary we think that police
should carry firemans
even if they are
to be unnecessary
in their society. Here is the story
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