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Europass and open badges

No description

Peter Heeling

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Europass and open badges

Europass & Open Badges
Earn, Issue, Display

ESP working group meeting, June 9, 2014
Full of information: Open Badges are information-rich. Each badge has important data built in that links back to the issuer, criteria and verifying evidence.
Take your badges everywhere: Whether they’re issued by one organization or many, badges can build upon each other and be stacked to tell the full story of your skills and achievements.
Knit your skills together: Collect badges from multiple sources, online and off, into a single backpack. Then display your skills and achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, websites and more.
Free and open: Mozilla Open Badges is not proprietary. It’s free software and an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges.
a special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc.
Europass pilot for open badges

- Scheduled to be ready in September / October 2014;
- in pilot phase issued to domestic mobility participants (volunteers);
- built into the NEC NL mobility tool;
- for now, a single badge that points to Europass Mobility Data.

Open badge and gamifacition of qualifications, making it fun to reach your goals. Is it the future in a learning environment?

Seth Priebatsch (creator of social gaming sites):
"School. Indeed, school could be seen as a game: there are levels we have to pass, scores to reach, challenges to complete, even competitions to win, sometimes. School, whether primary, secondary or higher, for small kids or adults, is a great environment for gamification."


Open badges in general :
- open
- visual
- fully digital
- light weight
- showing your skills
- focus on achievement

.png image file with hard coded metadata:
- information on issuer (url domain)
- verification info (encrypted) e-mail address of the recipient
- date of issue

User gets an e-mail containing:
- badge
- link to mobility document
- link to info page
- mozilla backpack
- job sites
- twitter
- linkedIN
- wordpress blogs
- e-portfolios like Mahara
- LMS like Blackboard / Moodle
- more to come..
Europass open badge
info page
Depersonalized general information (3 and 4);
information on skills (5);
graphical presentation of badge;
link to europass landingpage on badges;
general info on europass (one small paragraph).

Open Badges is an initiative by the Mozilla Foundation to help recognize and support lifelong learning through a badge ecosystem. It includes development and deployment of the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI), the underlying technology that supports badge issuing, collection, and display. The OBI is defined by two aspects: (i) the Open Badge specification, which technically describes an Open Badge standard and (ii) a Badge Backpack, which is a service that provides badge earners a way to collect and manage badges.
What is a Mozilla open badge?
You can't pin a digital badge
to a uniform. Instead, you
put hem in an online backpack.
- fun!
How does it work in our pilot?
Badges & Europass mobilty, where's the value?

- Making information on skills easier to access for both our customers and their network;
- further interoperability with online platforms;
- using mozilla's badge protocol, we don't need to develop our own. Certification procedures (eg adobe) won't be necessary;
- it's relatively cheap, but modifications to Europass infrastructure will be necessary;
- it's agreat idea to promote (fun factor);
- Badges could be the future of both formal and informal learning, we will have an edge to possible competitors if we 'hop on' in the early stages.

Food for thought...

- Do you think there's a future for open badges?
- Could a badge replace physical Europass documents? Mobility, CS, DS, LP or even the CV?
- Could ESP be a Europass open badge backpack, or at least an option to be one?
- Should we enable our CV to show badges?
- Any questions unanswered?

Thanks for your time :)
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