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All About Me!

No description

abbyy rodriguez

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of All About Me!

All About Me!
Abby Zarate
Period 6

Basic Info.
17 years old
I love being outside
I play soccer
What color?
I was
I think it fit me well because it fit my personality.
I work at Mague's Cafe.
and do everything
Detailed Job
After School
Put up all washed dishes
Dry the silverware
Roll the silverware
Make hot sauce togo
Sweep up a little
Check restrooms
Wait on tables
Then once its close to 8, we could start cleaning. Sweeping or mopping
After high school
Hopefully be able to get an internship to the academy of the FBI
Study Criminal Justice
Get a degree in something
Be in the FBI
Expect to learn
How to..
Make a resume
Be a successful worker
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