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Habitat for Humanity

In what meaningful ways does Habitat help those who they build homes for?

Selen Yalin

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity
In what meaningful ways does Habitat help those who they build homes for?
Helping Hands
The Evolution of Habitat
Economic Prosperity
Operating in
92 Nations
55,000-61,000 homes built.
89 Nations
Helping 750,000 individuals
$121.1 million to help others
The Fullers were fired due to personal reasons.
200,000th house built
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Habitat was founded by Linda and Millard Fuller in 1976.
Habitat for Humanity of Winston-Salem
Habitat of Greater Greensboro
Habitat for Humanity of High Point
Being the largest non-profit organization in the world, Habitat offers helping hands to those in dire need and those who are willing to meet the requirements to receive a home.
20 years interest free mortgage on the house.
$14,925-35,820: four person average family income
$17,550-43,875: four person family average income
Must have held a job previously for one year and a current job for six months.
250 hours of sweat equity
25 years interest free mortgage comes with the house
$16,920-33,840: four person family average income
Everyone's here to help
At a minimum of $7,500 to build a house in America, donations and volunteers are essential to the non-profit Habitat for Humanity Corporation.
Habitat Re-STORES allow Habitat to collect some extra cash for building houses if the donations do not suffice.
Land donations are key aspects to the building process as well, but no one ever thinks about them
Cash donations: 33%
In Kind Donations:30%
Volunteer Labor: 23%
Land donations: 14%
Components Needed to Build a Home
Continuing to impact millions of lives from here on out.
Average of 300 hours of "sweat equity"
US Citizen
Prove steady income
Ensuring the income corresponds to the max and min income for the size of the family.
Own a savings account
Mortgage and down payments must be fufilled
NO Discrimination
Habitat for Humanity
Why I chose Habitat for Humanity.
This non-profit organization fascinated me because of its ability to build homes for others with nothing in return. Habitat for Humanity is a genuinely good organization that provides healthier, safer lives for the recipients. I wasn’t interested in learning about some sort of technology, but more about how a home can impact a person’s life in the best ways possible; which is precisely Habitat's goal.
Source of Video:
A House, A Home PSA. [Video].(2008) Retrieved November 30,2011 from <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-VK0hFrPUA>
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