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No description

Simone Poletti

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of UNICORNS

What are Unicorns
Unicorns are magical creatures with horns. They look a lot like horses or pony's and are from the medieval times.
Fun Facts
Sometimes unicorn horns are used for medicine. A unicorns eye color is usually purple or blue. And their hooves are usually the same color of their eyes.
What do Unicorns Look Like
Unicorns are usually white but they can also be different colors.
Types of Unicorns
There aren't many types of unicorns except for these 9, Archaic unicorn, Northern european unicorn, Unicornio, Central european unicorns, Alps and Carpathian unicorn, Eastern Europe unicorn, Chinese Japanese unicorn, Black unicorn and Pegacorn.
Where do Unicorns Live?
Unicorns live in many places but most live in forests. Some people say they live in another dimension.
Unicorn Magic

Unicorn horns are what gives it all its power. A unicorn's horn can break any spell and cast any spell.
What do Unicorns Eat?
By: Simone Poletti
I think unicorns mostly eat super glue, but some people say that they eat rainbows glitter or grass.
THE END!!!!!!!
cool picture
Unicorns only live in your imagination
other dimension
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