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Jazz in the Fifities

No description

Whitney Harvey

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Jazz in the Fifities

Fats domino Jazz in the fifties Born as antoine domino in new orleans in 1928 His older brother taught him how to play piano First language was French First performance in public at age 10 http://www.history-of-rock.com/domino.htm Childhood Career At age 14, he left school and worked days in a factory discovered by dave bartholemew joined the dave bartholemew band in the mid 40's went solo in 1949 "ain't that a shame" -1955 Ray Charles born september 23, 1930 in Albany Georgia grew up in the great depression in Greenville florida "Even compared to other blacks...we were on the bottom of the ladder looking up at everyone else. Nothing below us except the ground.'' -Ray Charles at age 5 he witnessed his brother drowning soon after the death his sight gradually faded by age 7 ray charles was completely blind http://www.swingmusic.net/Ray_Charles_Biography.html he played 5 instruments career trouble with his career led to drugs dropped his last name of robinson he emerged with "I got a Woman"
his music mixed gospel, jazz, and blues signed with Atlanctic Records in 1952 "Hit the Road Jack" -1961 whitney harvey aaron knowlton Other Jazz Artists Anita O'Day

Betty Carter

Betty Roche

Carmen McRae

Chris Connor

Dinah Washington

Ella Fitzgerald

Ernestine Anderson

Ethel Ennis

Helen Humes

Jo Stafford

June Christy

Kay Starr

Lee Wiley

Lucy Reed

Morgana King

Peggy King

Peggy Lee

Sarah Vaughan

http://ns.ddg.com/LIS/InfoDesignF96/Ismael/jazz/1950s.html Best sellers 1. Elvis Presley - Elvis' Christmas Album (1957) 9 million copies

2. Johnny Mathis - Merry Christmas (1958) 5 million copies

3. My Fair Lady -(Original Broadway Cast) (1956) 3 million copies

4. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (1959) 3 million copies

5. Motion Picture Soundtrack - Oklahoma! (1955) 2 million copies

http://www.listafterlist.com/tabid/57/listid/9877/Music/BestSelling+Album+from+the+1950s.aspx Television Closes Dance Halls ?! Television became primary entertainment dance halls closed Milton Berle television program jazz faced competition http://pbskids.org/jazz/time/1950.html Musicians continued to produce jazz Women in jazz Tiny Davis's Hell drivers Vadel Quintet Ina Ray Hutton Ada Leonard Marian McPartland Trio These women were: Vocalists Trumpet players pianists http://nfo.net/usa/females.html Jazz Styles Ragtime http://www.apassion4jazz.net/jazz_styles.html Classic Jazz Hot Jazz Chicago Style Swing Gypsy Jazz Bebop Mainstream Cool References:
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