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Popular Culture

No description

Chan kan chip

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Popular Culture

Spending a lot of money on items that are not necessarily needed.

(2000)Autumn In My Heart
(2001)My Sassy Girl
(2004)Stairway to Heaven
(2005)Dae Jang Geum
(2013)The heirs
(2013)You came from the stars
Many culture critics have dismissed popular culture as merely a symptom or side effect of a mass consumerism.
2. Other component: K-pop music
Question 3
: Music video of Gangnam style recorded over 0.7 billion views in only 3 months.

Youtube gain about 0.5 USD per 1000 views.
Korean wave

Wendesday, September 24, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Popular culture in British
Popular Culture
Popular culture
Pop culture included music, art, fashion, dance, film, and television. It will be change in different generation.
Popular culture
Two opposite arguments of popular culture

2. Popular culture is a vehicle for rebellion against the culture of dominant groups.
Popular culture
Example : Korean TV series
You who came from the star
1. Popular culture is used by the elites to control people’s minds, making them passive and easy to control.
One of the scenes the actress eat the fried chicken
Popular culture wasn't just a symptom or a side effect of mass consumerism. In many cases the pop - culture influence people daily life.
Question 2
To what extent do you agree with the statement that the Internet has become a major carrier on what's popular among the masses, and why?
Many Korea fried chicken restaurant start their business in Hong Kong, such as (School food, Red chicken and Fairyland etc.)
Global regional internet penetration rate
New media
Traditional media
1. Key component: Korean dramas
- The statistics show that internet users worldwide are increasing all the time.

Lee Min Ho --> LG
Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun -->SAMSUNG, LINE, THE FACE SHOP
Brand spokesman:
A noodle company invited PSY to be its Brand spokesman to represent its branding.
Choi Min-Ho who is a singer and actor was being invited as the Brand spokesman of ETUDE HOUSE.
3. Other component: Korean foods

Kimberley Street is so-called as a Korean street or little Korea
Association of Korean Restaurants in Hong Kong provided typical Korean food, from fresh fruits and vegetables to a variety of ingredients.
How things become popular?
Communication and expression that have existed since before the advent of the new medium of the Internet.
The forms of communicating in the digital world, such as Internet,website.
Traditional media
1. Less limit
2. Less control
3. More information
4. More Convenient
- Obviously,Internet is being more and more popular.
Everythings' process of being popular is heavily influenced by mass media
In 2005, ‘Dae Jang Geum’ is the most sensational and most influential drama in Hong Kong.
Establish the highest ratings
Langham Place invite the Korean artists to visit
Korean variety show 'Running Man'
Increase the reputation
Stimulate the consumption
The linkage between popular culture and international brand
Year 2010
Used Emma Watson as model
Present the modernity of the brand
Help the brand to attract more
target customers
Popular culture
-Large extend
-Case study: line 3 to line 8
Example: Ice Bucket Challenge
Describe a popular culture that you are familiar with, noting its key components and discuss how it has influenced the branding strategy of a national and/or global brand of your choice. In your view, can more synergy be achieved in marketing terms by linking the two more closely?
Social networking in popular culture
Question 1
-The Web is changing consumer behavior
What is Social media?
Social media are the online means of communication, conveyance, collaboration, and cultivation

Phenomena’s of today’s popular culture is the emergency of social networking
Social media outlets have been crowded with videos of people dumping ice on their heads
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