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tony tran

on 1 February 2015

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Group Presentation
Pages 179-211

Dice-roller's team loses -1 point

Page 181
As a kid Bromden says he coud see the seams where the government men were put together. What does this mean?
Alicia, Ambria, Moriano, and Tony
Page 182
What is the significance of
Mrs. Bromden selling the land?
Skipped Medication +1 point
Page 184
Why does Bromden laugh at himself?
Page 184 part 2
Why does Bromden talk to Mac?
Page 184 part 3
What does Bromden want to say to Mac?
Page 184 part 4
Why does Bromden want to touch Mac?
Page 186
How did Mrs. Bromden Grow bigger than Chief Tee Ah Millatoona?
Page 189
Mac makes a pact with Bromden. Why does Bromden feel used at first? How is he able to get over it?
Dice-roller Steals +2 points from other team

Page 187
How did the combine work on the Chief? How did the townspeople do it? How did the tribesmen do it?
Page 191
The fishing trip.
What is its significance in the story?
Page 192
Why does Big George go along on the dirty fishing boat?
Page 198
What motivates Ellis to pull the nails from his hands and say goodbye to the men?
Page 202
How do the men derive power from their lunacy at the gas station?
Page 203-204
What is the significance of the houses listed for sale?
Gathering around the TV for the World Series
Choose anywhere on the map to go

Snuck in some women
Roll again! x2 points on next question
Page 204
Who's the little kid at the end of the
crack-the-whip game?
Page 208
Big George heads the boat toward the deep water. Why does this happen? What does it mean?
Page 211
Why doesn't Mac help the men?
If Losing: Shock Therapy -5 points
If Winning: Lobotomy -10 points
Women are raised to:
take up less space
be more obedient
talk less, listen
be less dominant
Mrs. Bromden
is portrayed as:
being too dominant
undermining, nagging
being 'bigger'
size = power
Nurse Ratched
is portrayed as:
too controlling
too manipulative
doesn't submit to male power
emasculates men
"not feminine"
hides sexuality
On the other hand, McMurphy is portrayed as:
cunning and sly
doesn't submit to female power
empowering other men
powerful man who embraces his sexuality
Candy is portrayed as:
traditionally feminine, small
encourages masculinity
Real life application:
Size and Women
Lily Myers recites a slam poem about her personal experiences with gender roles
How are these similar or different?
What does this remind you of?
Why are women taught this?

Why is this unfair?

What should we do to better ourselves as a society?
Ken Kesey vs 1960's changing gender roles
demonizes strong female characters
uplifts strong male characters
fears being emasculated by strong females
its not her fault
internalized sexism
generations and environment of upbringing

When the men arrived at the gas station, one of the attendants came out to question them.
McMurphy realized the potential power that their mental illness status gave them.
He helped the patients use their insanity to intimidate the gas station attendants and get respect.
Explain: Finally the joke is on society, not them.
Real life application:
Special Privileges
Many people pretend to be physically disabled to trick people into giving them special privileges, like this beggar.
He, as an able-bodied person, selfishly pretended to be disabled, because he knew that he would get money out of the sympathy of others.

How do you think this makes people who are actually disabled feel?

People take advantage of other people.

Why is this unfair?

What should we do to better ourselves as a society?
Mrs. Bromden was a Caucasian person. She conspired with the other white people to destroy an indian reservation, so that they could construct a hydroelectric dam for themselves.
Father loses power
Chief adopts mother's name
Chief becomes institutionalized
Chief witnesses nature < machines/Combine
Chief witnesses white people taking what shouldn't be theirs
Real life application:
Manifest Destiny
Rowie Shebala creates a poem to comment on the erasure, white-washing, and appropriation of her Native American culture.
Rowie's culture has been trivialized by modern Americans during Thanksgiving.
Native American culture is nearly invisible in today's society.
They have been erased, like Bromden's last name.


White-washing is real. It happened. It's happening. It exists in the modern world.
Real people today are still facing the consequences of Manifest destiny.
Why is this unfair?

What can we do to improve ourselves as a society.
Someone rolls dice

1-2 (move 1) 3-4 (move 2) 5-6 (move 3)
Answer Question. Get candy.
Person with the last word earns points for the team

number of points is based on number in lower right hand corner
Immediate stop at Bloom questions
+5 points to team for person with the last word on each slide
What does this
remind you of?
What does this remind you of?
The Combine
inspected houses
wanted to take the falls, the village, the tribe
beat the Chief up in alleys in town
threatened him to give up the land
cut his hair short
tribes men stood at his front door with checks and questions
whips people down to size.

Explain: The white people desperately desired to take control of their land, and they resorted to violence. The Chief had no choice
What does this remind you of?
Dice-roller pick one:

(6:24-8:53) Kuvira vs Bandits

(13:10-14:28) Kuvira's threat
Real life Application:
Kuvira's Tyranny over the Earth Kingdom
Kuvira is a dictator who desires to reunite her people under one Empire.
She has a strong will, but she is desperate. Thus, she uses violence and fear to control anyone in her way and take what is hers. She doesn't give her opponents a choice.
What does this say about people?
Some people will resort to using whatever they can to take whatever they want from whomever they please.
Why is this unfair? What can we do to improve ourselves as a society?
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