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how metal gear solid 4 was brought to life

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liam carberry

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of how metal gear solid 4 was brought to life

How MGS4 was brought to life. MGS4 is a stealth and action game. Created by Hideo Kojima, developed by Kojima productions and published by Konami. The game offers a balance between the traditional sneaking style and diving into the action. This was made possible by changing the camera angle and introducing a new aiming system. Hideo Kojima is the creative mind behind the MGS game series. He was originally going to step down as the director for mgs4 giving the position to Shuyo Murata but after substantial back lash from fans, including some death threats, it was announced that he would be co-directing along side Shuyo The main voice actor, the voice of Snake, is David Hayter. He has been the voice of Snake since MGS1 and was going to play Snake in the scrapped MGS movie. David is also an accomplished writer, he was one of the main writers for the X-Men films. Other voice actors include;
Josh Keaton as Ocelot, Paul Eiding as Roy Campbell, Khary Payton as Drebin and Christopher Randolph as Otacon. Development began as soon as MGS3 was released and took a total of 4 years with over 200 people working on it. It cost an estimated $50,000,000. A lot of this would have been spent on wages, due to having such a large team working on the game for so long. A large portion of it would have also been spent on the game engine made specifically for MGS4 however as the engine was made my Kojima Productions they didn't have to pay to use it. Game was developed by Kojima Productions and the vast majority of the development took place in Kojima studios in Tokyo. Development began in 2004, when MGS3 was released. This is 2 years before the PS3 was released. The first steps in the development were concept art, character design and story writing. Once the PS3 was released and Kojima Productions knew what it was capable of they began 3D character and environment modeling, programming and motion capture. Autodesk softimage xsi was used for 3D modeling. XSI was used for characters and environments. A small amount of work was done outside of Tokyo. Teams of photographers went to Peru, Morocco and Prague to take pictures of environments to be used for textures and modeling. Animation was done using both motion capture and the XSI software, however the majority was done using motion capture. The motion capture was done at Kojima Studio's in Tokyo. Many actors and stunt men were used in the motion capture process. It was released with a 15 age rating in the UK and had a similar rating throughout the world. The game features a lot of violence but doesn't feature much gore, just basic blood effects. Swearing and sexual references were also kept to a minimum. I chose MGS4 because it is one of my all time favorite games, and part of my favorite game series. It offered a new beginning in game play style compared to older MGS titles, and in my opinion has one of the best single player modes in this console generation.
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