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Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board: Program Year 2012 Annual Report

Welcome to the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board's (NWWIB's) first digital annual report. With this new format, we hope to capture what was a year of success and innovation while being fiscally conscious and forward-thinking.

Melissa Rabska

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board: Program Year 2012 Annual Report

Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board: Program Year 2012 Annual Report
A Year in Review
Welcome to the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board's (NWWIB's) first digital annual report. With this new format, we hope to capture what was a year of success and innovation while being fiscally conscious and forward-thinking.

This past year, NWWIB and our service provider, Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (CEP, Inc.), have directed our efforts to four high-growth regional industries: healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation. Summits were held for each of these industries to encourage collaboration and partnership between industry leaders, and to discover industry workforce needs and determine solutions. Regional industry alliances now continue this important dialogue between industry leaders and workforce development specialists. Another way NWWIB has continued employer engagement and to address employers' workforce development challenges is through workshops at NWWIB's regional Business Conference. This conference celebrated its eleventh year in 2013 and provided attendees with sessions on labor law, customer service, how to increase your online presence, and other informative sessions.

NWWIB and CEP, Inc. have been very involved in grant initiatives, including focuses on healthcare and manufacturing. The Health Career and Regional Employment (HealthCARE) Project is in its second year and has seen a monumental increase in the number of On-the-Job Training participants served by the grant's partners -- Fox Valley Workforce Development Board and North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board. The CEP, Inc. Center for Combustible Dust Safety and Health was officially launched in seventeen counties in Northwest Wisconsin. This Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, part of U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provides free safety training, education and assistance to hard-to-reach workers and employers in wood product and other manufacturing industries throughout rural Wisconsin. NWWIB and CEP, Inc. also participated as a pilot in the statewide Skills Wisconsin project, which focuses on matching jobseekers and employers through the use of real time data technology.
Youth Focus
Getting Focused
What is a Workforce Investment Board?
CEP, Inc. Center for Combustible Dust Safety & Health:
The CEP, Inc. Center for Combustible Dust Safety & Health has been developed to provide safety training, education and assistance to hard-to-reach workers and employers in wood product and other manufacturing industries throughout a seventeen county rural region in Northern Wisconsin. This Center was created from a grant from the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, part of U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
The Health Career and Regional Employment (HealthCARE) Project has successfully completed its first program year! This is a 48 month grant program, which began April 2012, funded through the Department of Labor and supports On-the-Job Training in healthcare career pathway occupations. The HealthCARE Project covers 26 counties in the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board, North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, and Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board regions.
Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the Northwest Wisconsin region. This industry encompasses food service, accommodations, and Chamber of Commerce efforts and tourism initiatives. Given the seasonal nature of the industry, workforce turnover is a major challenge as well as filling openings with workers who possess the basic skills needed for the jobs. CEP, Inc. has already started to address the "soft skills" issues that this industry struggles with through a Ready to Work Course.
The transportation industry, especially trucking, faces many unique challenges. By the year 2020, it is expected there will be a shortage of 300,000 truck drivers in the U.S. Northwest Wisconsin's trucking companies are also experiencing a shortage of drivers because of many reasons including: an aging truck driver workforce, a negative career image, insurance regulations, among other issues. One of the challenges of this industry is that trucking companies cannot hire any driver under 21-23-25 years of age. This age requirement makes recruitment difficult since trucking companies and educational institutions cannot recruit their workforce directly from the region's high schools or post-secondary schools.
SEE IT. BE IT. Mythbusting Manufacturing
The Mythbusting Manufacturing tour was the inaugural event of the SEE IT. BE IT. career exploration series designed by CEP, Inc. and funded by NWWIB. In partnership with Wisconsin's Gold Collar Career Initiative, CEP, Inc. and other stakeholders, including manufacturers, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, NWWIB, and others, have teamed up to create the Mythbusting Manufacturing tour to help break misconceptions about manufacturing and expose youth to manufacturing career prospects and available education in the region.

Crex Meadows Youth Conservation Camp
The Crex Meadows Youth Conservation Camp is a unique skill development program. The camp employs approximately eighty at-risk youth (economically disadvantaged, those with special education needs or other barriers) ages 14-18, residing in the ten northwest counties of Wisconsin. Over four, two-week sessions during the summer, these youth assist the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with a variety of environmental conservation and community improvement projects and participate in daily academic and experiential learning activities.
Financial Data
Workforce Investment Boards are charged with carrying out employment and training activities of the Workforce Investment Act. The Workforce Investment Act is a federally funded program designed to increase employment retention, earnings, and occupational skill attainment of adult and dislocated worker participants who receive services. This program includes the involvement of many partnership organizations:
Connect With Us
Program Year 2012:
Financial Data

“Building the boardwalk not only taught me real-life mathematical situations but it also taught me how to build relationships and cooperation between friends and co-workers. This job brought great memories and taught me the value of hard work and the beauty of a job well done.”
The Camper Experience:
The Impact of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)...
Medical Discovery Days & Operation Health Careers
Operation Health Careers, also supported by NAHEC and CEP, Inc., covers the following the labor market shortage in the healthcare industry; choosing the right career in the healthcare industry; and how to plan NOW for your career.

It also allows for some hands-on activities such as:
Taking blood pressures, and pulse/oxygen levels with the use of a pulse oximeter
Giving “shots” to oranges with the use of real syringes
Filling a “mock” prescription
Practicing infant CPR and choking prevention
Examining pupils through the use of penlight
2013 Camp by the Numbers:
115+ Applications Received
25/30 Regional High Schools Represented
38 NEW Campers
Attendance Rates: 46% Female & 54% Male
The inaugural Mythbusting Manufacturing tour consisted of touring Ashland Industries, C. G. Bretting Manufacturing Co., Inc., Charter Films, Field Logic, Genesis, H Windows, Rice Lake Weighing, and Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy. Students will also toured Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College campuses and receive information on the college’s manufacturing programs.
Mythbusting Manufacturing by the Numbers
17 Schools Participated
136 Students exposed to Manufacturing Careers &
Career Pathways

The Medical Discovery Days program, supported by CEP, Inc. and the Northern Area Health Education Center (NAHEC), gives youth who are interested in healthcare the chance to explore healthcare careers, talk to the professionals, view first-hand the inner workings of a hospital, clinic, or nursing home, and also become educated on the what steps are necessary to reach a career in healthcare. This program and partnership between NAHEC and CEP, Inc. has existed since 2011 and has served students throughout CEP, Inc.'s entire 10 county region.
Lauri's Story
Laurita, better known as Lauri, came to CEP, Inc. in April 2010 when the Birds Eye Veneer Plant in Butternut closed its doors. Lauri had been transferred to Birds Eye from the Butternut Veneer mill when it closed its doors earlier. In all, Lauri was employed for over 20 years with the mills holding various jobs including Supervisor and Veneer Grader.

Lauri was interested in re-training and spent a great deal of time researching programs and schools, attending free computer classes, and working on math with the Northcentral Technical College (NTC) Learning Center.
Ron's Story
Ron Missinne is a 66 year old married veteran, whose wife lives in a nursing home. Tom Casey, Veterans Representative, asked that Connie Constantine, Workforce Systems Specialist, meet with Ron and see if CEP, Inc. could help him to reach his employment goals. Ron believed he had difficulty securing employment due to his age, and he was very interested in entering the medical field to provide the type of excellent care that his wife receives. Ron dropped out of high school in 10th grade and plans to work on obtaining his GED upon completion of CNA training. When Ron first started receiving services from CEP, Inc. he was receiving Unemployment Insurance from a position as a production laborer with Field Logic that ended in 2011.
Miriam's Story
Miriam came to CEP, Inc. for employment and training support in August 2009 because she had been working with Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Hayward (Rice Lake Outreach) to complete her HSED and was ready to test but needed financial assistance for exam cost. Miriam was a High School Dropout who only completed the 8th grade and was unemployed. She felt that having her HSED would help make her more employable.

That same August, Miriam passed her HSED exam with very high scores, got a job that she loved, and then scored a 12.9 on all the entrance exams for Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College which meant she could pick any program she desired.

Sandy Lang, Workforce Systems Specialist, and Miriam met and discussed Bright Outlook Careers. After reviewing the list of careers expected to grow rapidly over the next several years, she decided to enter into an Administrative Healthcare Career. Miriam continued to work her way through college and reported working for an employer that was extremely supportive of her advancing her education and worked around her college program. She completed her two year Associate Degree right on schedule in May of 2012 with a very high GPA.

She is now the full-time Manager of the Hayward Family Dollar Store, the company that was so supportive of her education, and is now making $10 per hour. She also reported that she is training to open a brand new store (she calls it her own store) that will be built in Webster, WI with a grand opening planned for February 14th. Even though Miriam did not enter into the healthcare field, she has found an administrate position that she loves and definitely has a very “Bright Outlook”.
HealthCARE Project Program Year 1:
Number of On-the-Job Training Contracts: 60
Average Wage: $21.48
Average Wage Reimbursement: $13.95
Average Training Hours: 418
Average Cost per Training: $5,253.27
Occupations Served: RNs, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists, Medical and Health Services Managers, Occupational Therapists, and more!
Ready to Work:
This Summer, CEP, Inc. partnered with Spooner Area Community Education and Washburn County UW-Extension, to implement a Ready to Work course that offers a certificate to students who complete it. Ready to Work will be offered initially as part of the Summer School Program and will provide students ages 13 1/2 to 15 a better understanding of what employers need, customer service training, money skills, teamwork activities, as well as application and interview training. Community businesses also presented during this course. Businesses were also informed about how to find these students, and if hired, know the level of excellence that these students are capable of.
Windows to Work
The Windows to Work (W2W) program, funded by the State of Wisconsin, provides inmates and parolees from correctional institutions in Northwest Wisconsin with education, support and other case management services. It is a voluntary program designed to assist parolees in making a successful transition into the community. Clients of the W2W program receive services beginning at least six months prior to their release. Follow-up services are also provided for a minimum of one year after release to ensure long-term success.
18,315 Job Center Visits
864 adults, youth, and dislocated workers enrolled into employment and training services
54 On-the-Job (OJT) Training Contracts
555 active employer relationships
$3 million+ in employment and training resources provided to youth, adults, and dislocated workers
WIA Fast Facts
Education and case management services include:
Release Planning
Employability skills training such as: resume writing, job search plans, & interview techniques
Interpersonal and social skills training
Setting and obtaining goals
Budgeting and money management
Assistance with locating, obtaining, & maintaining housing

34 participants were served by the W2W program.
Skills Wisconsin
Skills Wisconsin seeks to reform Wisconsin’s system for matching workers looking for a job with businesses looking for workers, resulting in better outcomes for workers, businesses, and the programs that serve both. New local, regional, and statewide partnerships, processes, work flows, and tools are being implemented to create a truly demand-driven workforce system. Skills Wisconsin is a statewide initiative funded by a federal Workforce Innovation Fund Grant.
Reeling in Business in 2013
The annual Northwest Wisconsin Business Conference was held at Flat Creek Inn (Hayward, WI) with 91 industry leaders, business owners, and regional professionals in attendance at this two day event. The conference was generously funded by many sponsors whose continued support makes this event possible. The conference included a well-received pre-conference on customer service presented by Drew Nussbaum from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. The regular conference sessions were kicked off by Melanie Holmes, Vice President of Manpower Group and conference keynote speaker, who presented on the “Teachable Fit” concept. Other popular conference workshop sessions included “Focus on Energy”, “Telecommunication: Reeling in Teleworkers”, “Affordable Care Act Updates”, and “Hello are you there? Helping Customers to Find You Online”.

Faster cycle times to get large numbers of job seekers into jobs leading to self-sufficiency
The right training to provide job seekers skills that businesses actually need
Evidence-based solutions with measured outcomes and use of timely data to serve the business customer
Mari Kay-Nabozny, CEO NWWIB
Trucking Summit
A Trucking Summit took place in Spring 2013 where top industry leaders discussed common workforce issues with driver recruitment being one of the largest concerns.

At the end of the Program Year, CEP, Inc.'s Transportation Specialist was working with trucking companies to launch the first of many High Wage Highway events to take place at regional festivals to help build a positive image of this career by allowing the public to climb into a big rig and talk to trucking professionals about what life on the road is really about!

"The transportation industry is definitely in need of more drivers and we are happy to think “outside the box” to recruit them. We welcome any ideas that may assist us in the recruiting process." - Debbie Landry, Director of Recruiting & Driver Services at Halvor Lines, Inc.

Industry-led summits were held at multiple locations with guest presenters, including Judith Warmuth RN, PhD from the Wisconsin Hospital Association, to inform attendees about industry alliance initiatives currently taking place throughout the state and to determine if there was employer interest in beginning an alliance to address workforce issues. The alliance continues to grow with new members and initiatives underway.

The Northwest Wisconsin Healthcare Alliance is committed to the continued development of Northwest Wisconsin's healthcare workforce. The alliance has members from not only the industry, but workforce development and education as well.
Northwest Wisconsin Healthcare Alliance
Free training opportunities for employees, owners, supervisors, group leaders, managers, safety committees, and others include:
Combustible Dust Awareness Training
Combustible Dust Managerial Training
Prevention & Control Modules (Advanced)
Combustible Dust National Emphasis & OSHA Standard Development
You can always find us on the web at www.nwwib.com
Total PY12 Budget:$3,013,863
She became a full-time Health Care Business Services Associate Degree Student at NTC with CEP, Inc.'s help with coursework and transportation costs. Birds Eye was certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program and in the Summer of 2011 she started to receive those training benefits to finish up her NTC program. While in the program she was a terrific student and earned a 3.8 cumulative program GPA.

Lauri graduated May 2012 and started training-related employment shortly thereafter at Park Manor Nursing Home, where she had participated in "internship" hours during her training.
Karissa Swenson, Workforce Resource Specialist, spent many hours with Ron completing on-line and paper applications, providing job search assistance, and re-vising his resume.

He successfully completed training at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College on October 5th, 2012 and now works as a CNA for Chris Jensen Health & Rehab Center. Ron is very excited about this new page in his life and would not have been able to secure employment without CEP, Inc.'s support.
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