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Ancient Civilizations of

No description

Ella Grinnell

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations of

Ancient Civilizations of
by: Ella Grinnell

One similarity is the Maya, Olmec, and Aztec are all good farmers. Another similarity is they all grow corn. A difference is the Maya and Aztec grow squash and the Olmec don't.
A similarity is the Maya, Aztec and Olmec all created a good civilization with towns and cities. Another similarity is they all settled in Mexico. One difference is that the Olmec and Aztec both settled in southern Mexico but the Maya didn't settle there.
One similarity is that they all had masks. They also all have some sort of meaningful artwork. One difference is that the Maya and Olmec had sculptures but the last group, the Aztec didn't.
One similarity in all three groups is that they all had calenders. Also, they all used numbers. A difference between them is that the Maya and the Olmec did Astronomy. The Aztec didn't use Astronomy.
Math & Science
A similarity between all three groups are that they all traded in markets. One more similarity is that they all traded produce. A difference is that the Aztec and Olmec traded for jade but, the Maya didn't.

A similarity is that they all have picture signs. Also, they all had calenders. One difference is that the Maya and Olmec use glyphs(a form of writing).
Social Organization
Two similarities are that they all had religion in them and they also all believed in gods. A difference is the Maya and Aztec did human sacrifices but, the Olmec didn't.
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