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Reading Apprenticeship

No description

Chartonay Sumpter

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Reading Apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship Seminar "A metacognitive approach to reading" TALK TO THE TEXT Talk to the text Talk to the text allows students to
highlight and underline key ideas or
items that grab their attention while
reading a text. It also encourages the student to think aloud and record their thoughts, responses, and questions to the text on the text. Procedure Make copies of the entire text leaving generous margins
Explain that talk to the text is a written Think Aloud and that by practicing this method students will get in the habit of talking to the text in their head.
Then ask students to read silently and interpret the next paragraph with their own Talking to the Text marks.
Have partners share their Talking to the Text marks and how they cleared up or tried to clear up any roadblocks they came to.
Invite volunteers to share their marks and ask them to explain.
- What did you mark?
- How did that help your reading?
- How did talking with a partner help? Knowing Your Role As a reader it is important to understand the lens you are using to interpret the text. (For example: Are you reading to obtain information or reading for entertainment) The way you dissect a text or script in theatre depends heavily on your role in the production. A set designer is not going to read a play the way an actor would or vice versa. To read, or not to read...
I'm sorry what's the question? A general text can sometimes look just as confusing
as a script. The characters are a little challenging to identify, the dialogue looks as if it's written in another language, and you have no idea what the story is about.
My goal is to utilize the talk to the text method in
hopes to show how one approach can be effective
with two vastly different readings. Lysistrata and Los Vendidos What comes to mind when you here both titles? Which play do you think will be a more
challenging read? (Questions to be asked before we read) Assignment Jennifer Bailey as seen your work on past productions and wants you to costume design two plays that she is directing. Your task is to use the talk to the text method to breakdown the play and costume design it. BOX 4.9 (Page 108)
"Introducing Talking to the text"
Reading for understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms Second Edition Distribute highlighters
and reading materials. Reading is

not only fun
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