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Stephanie Stewart Benjamin Banneker

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Stephanie Stewart Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker By: Stephanie Stewart Background facts: Accomplishments: Traits for Benjamin So where did you get this Information His Quote Other background facts Thank You He was born on November 9,1731.
Benjamin was self-educated.
His grandmother Molly taught him to read and write. He carved wooden clocks mostly everyday. ( determined)
He taught himself astronomy and advanced mathematics.(intelligent)
He invented americas first clock. ( hard worker) Determined
Hard worker
Intelligent When his parents died he ran his family's
tobacco farm.
Parents were Robert and Mary Bannaky. www. biography.com
www.library.thinkquest.org "Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners."
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