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Scott Joplin

No description

Ruben Bravo

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Scott Joplin

Julius Weiss, a German music teacher in Scott Joplin's hometown gave Scott Joplin piano lessons at a young age.
Scott Joplin influenced Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, and Art Tatum, who are all famous jazz artists.
Scott Joplin had a very big influence on the creation of jazz.
Scott Joplin is the creator and king of Ragtime.
His music became popular again in the 1970's when "The Entertainer" was used in the 1973 film "The Sting".
Time Period of Scott Joplin's Music
The first documented sign of Scott Joplin’s musical career was in 1891 working with "minstrel" entertainers.
Scott Joplin began publishing music in 1895, and publication of his "Maple Leaf Rag" in 1899 brought him fame.
Lived during the Jim Crow Era where Blacks and minorities were treated as second class citizens.
The progressive era (1890-1920) focused on an end to political corruption; did not focus on equality.
Scott Joplin created "Ragtime music" from 1885-1916.

Social, Economic, and Political Conditions
Blacks were unequal, treated as subhuman and socially unacceptable in society.
America was in a time of becoming a world superpower financially and economically.
Whites prospered while Blacks worked to survive.
Black people lived in poverty and in horrid conditions with little pay.
Government made no law in the equality of human rights for Black people.
They supported Jim Crow laws rather than abolishing it.
Black and white musicians forbidden to play together.
Physical Location of the Birth of Ragtime
Scott Joplin was born in 1867 in Linden, Texas.
Texarkana was the town where he practiced piano lessons with Julius Weiss (German teacher).
Scott Joplin left home in his early teens to seek his fortune in music in Chicago and Missouri.
In 1899, Scott Joplin published the "Maple Leaf Rag," in Sedalia, Missouri.
Cultural Information about Ethnic Group
Scott Joplin
Louis Armstrong
Art Tatum
Jelly Roll Morton
"The Entertainer"
White Lifestyle in 1890's
Black Lifestyle in 1980's
Music is a key element of African American culture.
Music is to uplift their spirit.
Many blacks sang Negro spirituals and call and response songs while working on the fields.
African Americans created blues and jazz music.
Their music was made to forget about the "bad times (slavery) and create happy music as a way out of oppression.
A way to unleash their happiness through dancing and music.

Tried to forget about this...

Scott Joplin's famous piece
-Maple Leaf Rag-
Scott Joplin's Music Consits of:
A piano
African American rhythm and European classical music rhythm.
A syncopated melody (off beat rhythm).
Scott Joplin's house in St. Louis, Missouri
Overview of Scott Joplin
aka "The Ragtime King"
by playing music to forget about the oppression.
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