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Poetry Prezi

For Ms. Dimock.

Macy Meldrum

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Poetry Prezi

POETRY By Macy Wasteland An Earth Day Haiku A Haiku consists of 3 lines, the first with 5 syllables, the second with 7 syllables, and the third with 5 again. Possibility Another Haiku
about how our actions
hurt the Earth. Humans play a role
Will you save our perfect world
Change our children's fate Landfills overflow
Mountains of plastic bottles
Sad landscape of waste My Mother This is a rhyming poem
for Mother's Day. A rhyme is when two words sound the same, like cat and bat. A rhyming poem is a poem with a pattern of rhymes in it. My Mum is unique,
Spell it M-U-M,
Everyone's an Amy fan,
She really is a gem! She teaches me important lessons,
At home and at school,
She puts her all in everything,
And that's what makes her cool! She's as sweet as honey,
Sharp as a tack,
She's a very good mother,
For this she has a knack! She keeps her head above water
Though the seas may get rough,
She's beautiful,, fun, athletic
And all that wonderful stuff! Hi She always knows what’s best for me,I love her very much,She makes me want to be like her,She has that special touch! Macy Meldrum An acrostic poem about ME! An acrostic poem is a poem that is based on a topic word that is written vertically on the left side of the poem. Each line begins with one letter of the vertical word. The Golden Hours A diamante about dawn and dusk A diamante is a poem shaped like a diamond. On the top, there is one topic word, and on the bottom, there is another topic word. These two words are usually opposites. The line in the middle ties together the two topics. Thanks for watching my poetry prezi!
I hope you enjoyed the show! Thank you for watching
my presentation!
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