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Consoles and living rooms

No description

Dr Teodor Mitew

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Consoles and living rooms

Consoles and Living Rooms Atari - Pong [1975] consoles seminar your best G+ post
your favorite G+ post
most useful G+ comment work on group projects research the trajectory of one established game title How does the production of serialised content like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, or any of the FIFA and EA titles, differ from the demands of other media such as film? How do games incorporate and transform innovations in other media? Make a rough account of all the devices for playing games in your home

Where is the most common location for playing games in your house?

How often does your household play games together?

How has family and home-orientated gaming experiences changed in your lifetime?

Consult with two different generations in your family for their perspective. home entertainment Simulations offer the player the opportunity to engage with a dynamic system from an experiential perspective and a significant amount of this direct involvement is provided by the freedom to interact with, and have control over, the simulated system. Stewart Woods goals Gaming environments combine driving, puzzles, melee combat, strategy, and various other design elements from previous standalone genres Convergence of technology, content, and markets The role of games consoles is set to expand within the home environment Convergence among graphics, narrative, sound, and genre requires larger development teams, bigger budgets, and greater expertise Ip Ip concentration of ownership limited choices control dynamic repetition immersion dynamic performative rule-set less vs more tasks player control narrative dynamic performativity vs storyline stochastic contingency Ip Ip 62%
of gamers play games with other gamers in person industry consolidation i.e. Activision-Blizzard ESA Essential Facts 2012 Magnavox Odyssey [1972] Nintendo Entertainment System [1985] birth of Super Mario Bros Sony PlayStation [1994] Microsoft Xbox [2001] Nintendo Wii [2006] entertainment hub the console as 1 2 3 4 http://www.gamestudies.org/0401/woods/ Loading the Dice: The Challenge of Serious Videogames Microsoft Kinect [2010] birth of natural user interface reality bleed revisited How does console play differ from PC gaming? space socialisation mode of consumption success is solitary, objectively measured, undeniable Bernstein An economy of scarcity suggests goal-oriented behavior: the desire for accumulation Bernstein The experiential basis of the computer-as-medium is prediction and control of a limited set of variables. Bernstein operating environment V-> M[O] V->[O] V->O[O] illusionism realism convergence of genres convergence of technologies as a mode of consumption mode of socialisation living rooms pitch in 2 weeks! objectives immersion as a function of artificial scarcity quests objectives how do you measure success in your game?
what does your player accumulate?
what variables can the player predict and control? POV
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