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Population Limiting Factors

No description

Danielle Stahl

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Population Limiting Factors

Population Limiting Factors
What are limiting factors?
Limiting factors are conditions from the environment that limit the growth of a species
Population Review
A population is a group the same type or species of animal that live in the same area
The Way out
1. Be able to analyze the dynamics of a population with and with out limiting factors.
Density Dependent
Examples of density dependent:
What are some examples of things that could cause a population of animals to decrease in size?
Availability of food
Proximity to others of the same species

There are two types of limiting factors: 1. Density Dependent 2. Density Independent
Limiting Factors
Limiting factors keep a population from increasing indefinitely
Refers to the interaction of predator and prey. Predation increases as the density of a population increases
Outbreaks of disease tend to occur the more frequently when the population density increases
The likely hood of parasites increase as population size or density increases
When density increases to a size that resources such as food and space become limited individuals in a population must compete for available resources
Does not depend on other members of that population. Examples are natural disasters and human activity
Density Independent
Identifying Density Dependent and Density independent factors
1. In the north arctic the pack ice has begun to melt due to global warming. In turn the polar bear population has begun to decrease. What type of limiting factor population is this known as?
Identifying Density Dependent and Density independent Factors
2. Grey wolves learned that they were easily able to cross pack ice and enter Newfoundland. As a result the Newfoundland population of moose start to decline. What type of limiting factor is being described?
Identifying Density Dependent and Density Independent Factors
3. Due to extreme heat and lace of rainfall in the forest of Colorado, a large forest fire erupts. As a result, the mountain bluebird population drops drastically. What type of limiting factor is being displayed?
Carrying Capacity
is linked to limiting factors

Carrying capacity is the number of individuals of a species that an ecosystem can support.
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