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Pride & Prejudice

No description

Mckenzie Torrance

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice
presented by
Mckenzie Torrance

Pride & Prejudice
by Jane Austen
Author - Jane Austen
Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775.
Born to George and Casandra Austen
One sister & five brothers
Died July 18, 1817
Jane Austen
-Culture- -Marriage- -Parents-
Publisher - Thomas Egerton
First Published - 1813
Author - Jane Austen
Published - 1998
Copyright - Robert Frederick Ltd.
Number of Pages - 248
Jane Austen began writing
First Impressions
in October of 1796. Austen was twenty-one years old at this time. The book
First Impressions
later took on the name
Pride and Prejudice
"...She was primarily educated at home, benefiting from her father’s extensive library and the schoolroom atmosphere created by Mr. Austen’s live-in pupils..." ("").
"Jane Austen, one of England’s foremost novelists, was never publicly acknowledged as a writer during her lifetime..." ("").
Pride and Prejudice
was set in the 19th century in England.
Mrs. Bennet
Mr. Bennet
Jane Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzy)
Marry Bennet
Catherine Bennet (Kitty)
Lydia Bennet
George Wickham
Mr. Collins
Charles Bingley
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Georgiana Darcy
Colonel Fitzwilliam
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Ann de Bourgh
Mrs. Jenkinson
Caroline Bingley
Mrs. Hurst
Mr. Hurst
George Wickham
Sir William and Lady Lucas
Charlotte Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner
Mrs. Philips
Mary King

Man vs.Man:
Darcy vs. Elizabeth ; Bingley sisters vs. Jane ; Darcy vs. Whickham
Man vs. Society:
Mr. Bingley and Mr Darcy's marriage
Man vs. Himself :
Mr. Darcy,
Jane Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet
Pride and Prejudice :
Mr. Bingley arrives
Ball/Social Functions
Trip to Netherfield
Mr. Collins
Militia Officers
Mr. Bingley take leave
The truth
Trip to Brighton
Trip to Pemberley
Meeting of Miss Darcy
Search for Lydia
Annual income
Return of Mr. Bingley
Mr. Darcy's proposal of marriage to Miss Elisabeth Bennet
Miss Elisabeth Bennet accepts Mr. Darcy's hand in marriage
Point of View
3rd Person (Omniscient)
"...method of storytelling in which the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in the story..." (
"...Elizabeth noticed every sentence conveying the idea of uneasiness, with an attention which it had hardly recieved on the first perusal..." (Austen 124).
"...In a few days Mr. Bingley returned Mr. Bennet's visit, and sat about ten minutes with him in his library. He had entertained hopes of being admitted to a sight of the young ladies, of whose beauty he had heard much..."(Austen 8).
The Outdoors
Figurative Language
My Opinion
Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice
The End
Works Cited
Original Book
My Book
The five Bennet sisters were searching for a man to marry. Three of the five sisters ended up getting married.
1st Person
All characters
"...Your profusion makes me saving; and if you lament over him much longer, my heart will be as light as a feather..." (Austen 147).
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